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This is an intense black sketch eyeliner that provides a non-smudge, non-transferable, matte effect to the eyes. Its smooth ink-flow channeled through a precise felt tip makes for an effortless professional finish. Polymeric film former maximizes stay power for a good 24 hours with amazing waterproof properties. Our Best Waterproof Eyeliner comes in 1 shade.

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Product Name : Sketch It Eyeliner Lenphor

Finsh / Type : Matte.

Formulation : Pen.

USP : Sketch It Eyeliner has a matte finish, glides smoothly, intensely pigmented, long lasting, smudge free.

Ingredient list : Black 2, Water, Methylpropanediol, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Styrene/Acrylates/Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer, Cellulose, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Coco-GlucosidePoloxamer 407, Phenylpropanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sodium Laureth-12 Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfat, BHT, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Dehydroacetate.

Preference : Cruelty-Free.

Coverage : Full coverage .

Net Content : 1.2ml.

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How To Apply

Hold the product like a pen. Using its tip, draw a fine line starting from the inner corner of your eye, gradually moving towards the outer corner. While drawing the line, make sure to press as close to the base as possible. Apply less pressure to create a thin line, and for a thick line, use slightly more pressure. Create an additional layer if required for the desired definition.

50 reviews for SKETCH IT EYE LINER

  1. Santika Sarkar

    So lightweight & so classy.

  2. leena Verma

    I LOVE this product. Really enjoying it a lot! Thank you!

  3. Yogita khond

    I loved the texture of this product. Long lasting it will serve its purpose. Value for money.

  4. Sudha Adhau

    Its nice, I have been using this from 2 months. Long lasting and waterproof. The best formula is applied for this product.
    This product should be bought by every makeup freaking girl.

  5. Komal Badhe

    Perfect for those who love to define their eyes with eye liners. The shade black is awesome. Easy to apply, long lasting and smudge free.

  6. Sharmila Dixit

    I have used it yesterday and guess what? It has a magical stay formula. 8 hours!!! I would definitely recommend this product.

  7. Vanshika Agrawal

    Its really easy to use and application is smooth. The product is good one in this price. PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS

  8. Dhruvika Agni

    Price wise good eyeliner. I like it & second time purchasing it. I’m satisfied.

  9. Neela Rathode

    The product is good one in this price. long lasting, smudge free product.

  10. Nikita Chavan

    Bought it for the first time and loved it. amazingly long lasting, smudge free.

  11. Ganga Dhore

    I am impressed I really love the SKETCH IT EYE LINER. I like this properties glides smoothly, intensely pigmented, long lasting etc.

  12. Garima Kapadia

    Lovely black eyeliner. The tip of the sketch it eye liner is really sharp. Stays for hours. nice one.

  13. Shweta Kanungo

    Nice One! You can apply it in a single stroke. matte finish, glides smoothly and long lasting.

  14. Namee Jain

    Seems to be water resistant I love the product best I have ever used. Finishing and packaging is awesome.

  15. Kanika Guglani

    Very nice quality product. It give bold look to your eye.

  16. Ekaja Chandra

    The color is awesome and the design is amazing, thank you Lenphor for delivering this good product.

  17. Pooja kulshetra

    Texture is very nice. very good product.

  18. Bhawna Vashisht

    It gives a perfect jet black finish and it stays long .

  19. Shubra Sinha

    The matte finishing and the design is awesome, thank you Lenphor for delivering this good product on time.

  20. Diksha Kakade

    Very very nice products. black awesome. Recommended

  21. Divya Roy

    Loved it.. delivered as expected….Thank you

  22. Roshni Gupta

    This eye liner is designed carefully in such a way, its very thin and soft which makes it easy to apply

  23. Suganya Srinivasan

    It’s really awesome. Customers can go for it. I just Loved it.

  24. Muskan Sahu

    Awesome finishing and looks amazing on my eyes….Good products as expected…

  25. Rutuja Deshmukh

    Good and Reasonable for daily use

  26. Garima Singh

    This is the best sketch it eyelinerl ever. perfect consistency and long lasting

  27. Shubhangi Gore

    I love this sketch it eyeliner. I have bought 3 since I have found this product.

  28. Swati Bodhale

    Lenphor eye liner An excellent find after going though a lot of dissappointing eye liners. recommended this one

  29. Garima sharma

    it looks soft and amazing on my eyes…new brand and like it

  30. Aparna Ware

    very nice sketch it eyeliner 👌👌👌👌👌

  31. Shivya Chopra

    it’s just too awesome… black… long lasting

  32. Shweta Panigrahi

    This is beginner friendly. I can apply it pretty quickly and step out.

  33. Soni Awatade

    First time i have used this new brand eye liner and its awesome

  34. Vaidehee Purohit

    Best eyeliner ever…have been using it for a few months now…

  35. Priya Mori

    Its an amazing product, worth buy. you wont be wasting your money.

  36. Disha Mehta

    its really easy to use and application is smooth…

  37. Stuti Katiyar

    Very nice quality product. It give bold look to your eye

  38. Sumaira Kohl

    An excellent find after going though a lot of disappointing eye liners..

  39. Rigi George

    It is such an awesome product for the stayed all day.

  40. Sangeeta Umbrekar

    I used it for first time and its impressive you can hold it like a pen and apply easily to your eyelid

  41. Rupali Kinekar

    its an amazing product , worth buy. you wont be wasting your money…

  42. Divya Singhal

    Best for beginners. Applicator is very thin and helpful.

  43. Kalpana Chawla

    you wont be wasting your money….try it

  44. Parul Jain

    If you are a beginner then you can easily start with this sketch it eyeliner

  45. Sonali Khadye

    From its packaging to its liner shape its too good…

  46. Priya Ajay

    waterproof and smudge proof properties can’t believe in this price really.

  47. Namrata Sharma

    This is budget friendly sketch it eyeliner 🖊 Good one…

  48. Divya Agnihotari

    My dear friend suggest me lenphor’s products. After using it i understands it why it is good.
    Lenphor’e eyeliner is perfect for me. Easy to apply and long lasting. I love this product.

  49. Supriya Bhise

    This eyeliner is really nice and lasts really long…

  50. Kajal Patel

    This pen eyeliner i found to fulfill my needs… the application is so easy to use since it has a fine tip and i can draw a perfect line as i wanted

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