It’s a super competitive world out there. Although it is not ‘survival of the prettiest, being pretty certainly gains brownie points. Also, who does not want to look adorable, right? The question is, who can afford enough time for personal grooming in this fast-paced life. If you are one of those who find it difficult, then let us make life easy for you. Check out these 12 beauty products you can carry in your handbag at all times. You will never have to worry about a lackluster look or a dull face ever.

Face Wash

Before you apply any makeup, a gentle face wash is essential to start with a clean canvas. It will thoroughly clean the surface of the skin, giving it a fresh look and ready for any further products. A basic but important beauty product.


Sometimes, the face wash is accompanied by drying tendencies. If it happens, your skin will end up looking dry and parched. But if you have a moisturizer handy, you don’t have to worry. It will keep your skin hydrated and soft for a long time.


Primers are used to form a perfect base for your makeup. They blur out any skin imperfections, hide pores, and take off the excess shine from the surface. You just have to take it along when you leave the house.

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Foundation is that vintage makeup essential that can’t be undermined even with the trendiest of products and formulas in the market. A few dabs of this wonderful product give you even-toned skin and a flawless finish.

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BB Cream

This one’s a quick fixer. It is light and gets absorbed easily by the skin to give you a blemish-free, radiant look in minutes. Your skin feels soft while you feel incredible. So do not forget to carry it for some instant skin rejuvenation.

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Can one deny the importance of this life-saver to hide those dark spots or blemishes? Always remember to carry a good-quality concealer with you for the confidence of uniform skin.

Compact/Loose Powder

Take your pick. But never leave home without either of these. It will complement your makeup base (bb cream, concealer, etc.) and help you stay fresh for a long time. A powder is always recommended to keep away oil and add shine to your face.

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Perhaps, there are times when you have to be ‘a shining example’ of beauty on short notice. A surprise birthday party, after office event, a farewell function, last-minute movie plans, or well, whenever you would like to be one. Fetch that highlighter real quick for instant radiance. It will not only set your mood but many heads turning too.

Eyebrow Pencil

The more you groom your eyes to perfection; the better your day will be. Before you jump to conclusions, consider the confidence of a sharp, neat look. That’s right. Now, get your favorite eyebrow pencil and add it to your bag essentials already.   

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A classic yet not to be missed. It not only brings out the best in your eyes but gives a defined look to your overall look.

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If there is one item that is most likely to be included by ladies even in the survival kit, this might be it. That is the level of importance of investing in a good lipstick. Now, there is a separate universe for lipstick shades alone. But when it comes to the essential products in your bag, stick to light, earthy shades or nude variants that complement your skin tone.

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Makeup Remover

Don’t start what you can’t finish. We know it sounds dramatic, but let’s play it for all its worth. You put the effort into makeup to shine through the day or maybe just the evening. Then it’s already time to part ways with it. Difficult, but you have to since clogged pores and acne can be a nightmare. So, in order to bid farewell to your makeup nicely and quickly, you ought to keep that makeup remover in your bag.

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Well, this is it. You can never have enough items in your handbag is a topic open for discussion. However, these 12 items can make it to your priority list for the sake of utility. Keep rocking!

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