If you've ever felt personally assaulted by your mascara, you are not the only one. Many face the smudging issue of mascara under the eyes. Learn quick tricks, including using waterproof makeup or blotting paper, to stop eyes from weeping when wearing makeup.

With just a flick of the eyeliner, your whole look can change instantly, but the same eyeliner can make you look like a raccoon if it gets smudged. The last thing you should be worrying about is how your makeup is holding up, whether you get wet in the rain or start crying out of the blue. While many mascaras advertise smudge-free wear or application, how well it works during the day depends more on how you apply it. Several products available in the market can help you keep the mascara intact. 

Waterproof and smudge-proof mascara: Lashalicious from Lenphor is one such product. It rapidly improves the appearance of your lashes by attractively curling them. With this novel approach, you can have eyelashes that are noticeably lengthy and have adjustable volume. Because the product does not flake and is easy to remove with warm water, there are no negative effects to worry about. It also has hours-long smear resistance and a long-lasting long-wearing characteristics. It also has ingredients that shield your eyelashes, allowing them to maintain their mischievous flutter all day.

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Let us now check some ways to prevent mascara from Smudging

1. Avoid Watery Eyes

Watery eyes have several causes, including dust, allergies, dry eyes, etc. But if it happens every time you put on makeup, it's probably because of reflex tears. It is the water that your eyes produce in response to irritation. Your face may look uneven, and it may ruin your makeup.

2. Avoid using eyeliner along the waterline.

Your eyes begin to water after applying lower-lash mascara or blending eyeshadow over the lower lid. It is due to the meibomian glands along the waterline, which stop the water in the eyes from evaporating. Always prefer spotless makeup tools.

Being clean is the easiest approach to preventing eyes from watering when wearing makeup. When you go for cosmetics, microorganisms and an irritant may touch your eyes, causing watery eyes. It will help if you use clean makeup equipment. To keep germs away, clean your makeup brushes and sponges once a week.

3. Use setting sprays 

You should avoid applying powder concealers and setting powders for watery eyes. The powder substance is broken down by the water, which gives it a patchy, streaky appearance. Use a setting spray to secure liquid or cream-based makeup instead.

4. Prevent the water from Rolling Down

Stopping the water from rolling down is another tip for avoiding watery eyes while wearing makeup. If, for any reason, you end up crying while doing your makeup, pause, take a deep breath, and tilt your head upward. Keep your eyes open to keep blinking. Continue doing this until the tear calms and dries. Once done, you can apply makeup when your eyes stop tearing up.

5. Use a tissue or cotton swab to correct errors

Keep a cotton swab or tissue on hand if everything else fails. Roll over the inner corners and lower lids to quickly absorb the water and prevent it from trickling down and destroying your makeup.


Don't let your tears ruin your painstakingly created masterpiece now that you know how to stop your eyes from watering while wearing makeup. It is best to use the correct beauty item to help you get a natural look.

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