If you love applying lip liners that can give you the perfect pout, we have some top 5. Once you apply the matte lip liner pencil like the Rebel from Lenphor, it will give your lips the right definition and make them look plump and attractive. Furthermore, because no one wants their lipstick to smudge or fade because it destroys the entire look, this liner is the ideal choice because it is both water-resistant and primer. You can use the waterproof lip liner pencil on the borders of your lips or as a lip color all over your lips. You can use it to set up your lipstick.

Top 5 Long Lasting Waterproof Lip Liners of 2022


Rebel Lip Liner from Lenphor is the top long-lasting lip liner that will define your lips. As it glides easily across your lips, leaving a path of outstanding color pay-off, you'll fall in love with it. It prevents lipstick from feathering and ensures that it stays on your lips all day without the need for touch-ups. It creates a flawless foundation for your lipstick and enhances it with a defined contour.

2. Haus Laboratories RIP Lip Liner – Supermodel

The pleasant, long-lasting, waterproof composition gives a perfect outline to your lips. Though long-lasting, it applies smoothly and lightly, preventing your lipstick from feathering, flaking, or bleeding. This non-drying, waterproof lip liner softens and moisturizes your lips, leaving them feeling hydrated and creamy.

3. Wonder X Lip Liner Pencil Set

This set of 12 long-lasting waterproof lip liners comes in various hues, including red, pink, cherry, dark brown, and natural, and works well with various lipstick tones. The best part is the pencil set fills up any uneven spots on the outer margins of the lips before applying lipstick to give them a defined shape. You can use the set to outline the lips, helping the lipstick stay within the lip line, resulting in the lips standing out more.

4. DC Beautiful Pudaier Stereoscopic Lip Liner Set

These lip pencil sets come with a smooth and easy-to-use feature, with a color that lasts all day, even after eating. Lip liners with a lot of pigment help you define your lips for a beautiful pout. They are made with natural ingredients, such as candle wax, which retains moisture well.

5. Sankuwen True Lips – Lip Liner Pencils

This 12-piece waterproof lip liner pencil set is long-lasting, easy to apply, and versatile. It's simple to create a delicate, thin line with their precise application. The colors are vibrant, ranging from pink, rose, burgundy, red, and orange. There are all the colors you'll ever need. The best thing is you can remove the liner with tissue.


We have listed the best 5 waterproof lip liner pencil sets you can use for glowing lip purposes, matching up with your makeup. You can choose the best that fits your lips and overall look.

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