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Buy Colourful Long Lasting Nail Polish Online in India

Nail polish is part of the beauty accessories that every girl holds. There are different nail paints and polishes, giving girls and women an option to choose and buy. You have options per occasion, from chrome nail polish to glitter nail polish, and we at Lenphor offer you multiple options.

You can buy cosmetics makeup products online at Lenphor with different nail polish options that can be perfect for applying for occasions.

Buying Nail Polish at Lenphor

Every woman needs long-lasting nail polish, and we at Lenphor offer you the same. Nail polishes give your nails a touch of glamour and elegance. Thus, someone correctly stated that nail polish does more than add color to your nails. Irrespective of the event, Lenphor has some of the best nail paint items that can add a touch of glamour to your look. To make your search easier, we've added criteria that let you choose a nail paint that fits the occasion, your budget, and your preferences. Consider your vanity to be your wardrobe; it should always be packed with some essentials in hues that complement the clothing in your closet.

Different Types of Nail Polishes at the Best Price

We, at Lenphor, offer a wide range of nail polish items at the most affordable rates. You can choose as per the preference you want to have. Some of the options are:


It is the most basic but one of the best nail polishes in our store. These are long-lasting and are perfect for every type of makeup.


Matte top coat nail polish is yet another option to choose. These paints offer a classy look to your nails to the best effect.


Glitter nail polish is for those who like to have their nails glittering and is applied for special occasions.

Metallic and chrome

Check out metallic and chrome shades online if you want to make a bold statement with your nail art. It stays for a long time and offers a long-lasting payout for your hand nails.

Applying Nail Polish Perfectly

There are several procedures to apply nail paint effectively. One coat of base coat, two coats of color for complete coverage, and one coat of topcoat for long-lasting wear and shine are normal nail polish applications.

Before you apply

The first step in applying nail polish is to ensure that your nails are clean. Make sure your nails are thoroughly prepped and that any previous nail paint is removed.

The further step is a color application, where you need to avoid overdoing the cuticle by applying nail polish down the center of the nail. Start working all the way along the sides of the nail, finishing by capping the free edge. Allow each coat to dry completely in between applying two coats of color.

When painting very short nails, start by capping the free edge by drawing the skin away from the edge. Then, as usual, apply the leftover nail paint.

Applying Glitter Nail Polish

When you apply chunky glitter nail polish, dab it on in a dabbing motion to ensure appropriate placement of the glitter and uniform coverage. To guarantee complete coverage, apply two coats of glitter.

Applying Matte Nail Polish

If you are keen on applying matte nail polish, then go for a subtle option. It's perfect for more formal situations when you don't want your nails to steal the show. To complete the entire process, apply 1 layer of Lenphor's matte nail polish.

Buy the Best Nail Paints from Lenphor

We at Lenphor offer the best quality and long-lasting nail polish brands at the best prices, giving you gleaming, beautiful nails that are trendy. If you are looking for glossy, holographic, and shimmer-based nail paints that promise to be long-lasting wear, Lenphor is your one-stop shop for affordable nail polish online.

With a large choice of beauty and fashion products now accessible at discounted prices, you can shop for the widest range of makeup products online, all from the comfort of your own home. Irrespective of your choice, you can use Lenphor to buy nail polish at the best rate. We offer home delivery and 100% genuine products that can last a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What type of nail polish is best?

Ans. There are different types of matte, glitter, creme, and others. You can choose as per the occasion.

2) Which nail polish lasts longer?

Ans. You can choose gel or dip for any type. Dip powder is stronger compared to gel polish. Dip manicures are the best and stay for a longer time.