So, you are intrigued by the vegan lifestyle (since you are reading this blog). Fantastic! Let us encourage you further. Here are a few good reasons why you should make the vegan switch, particularly the makeup part.


1. Go Vegan. Save Lives.

The best thing about vegan products is they are cruelty-free. You can go to sleep with a clean conscience that you are not aiding animal testing which kills several thousand living creatures every year.


2. Animal by-products on your skin?

It’s not hidden to anyone that cosmetic products contain ingredients like uric acid, insect secretion, dairy extracts and other undesirables that you wouldn’t want on your skin. Let’s not forget, these products ultimately get absorbed into your body.


3. Go easy on yourself

Most consumers can barely pronounce the chemical ingredients printed on the packaging. Let alone comprehending those. These chemical formulae will give a tough time to your body to process them as our system is mostly used to digest plants and not chemicals.

4. Vegan means nutrition

In today’s harsh atmospheric conditions, the wise ones will prefer organic, healthy ingredients. Plant extracts retain most of the nutritional value which benefits the skin. Chemical variants come with a grey side which may not be conducive to your skin and the aging process.

5. Your environmental contribution

Since the vegan life dictates refusal to use animal products in any aspect of life, vegan beauty products come in bio-degradable packaging. Just imagine the overwhelming amount of plastic, fiber and other harmful packaging material that will not hit the ocean by a single smart decision of consumerism.


6. No more suffering for sensitive skin

7. Feel better inside out

As mentioned earlier, your skin products are absorbed within the body and toxins tend to harm the organs. As scary as it may sound, it is also easy to stop this indirect assault on your system. Besides, vegan products are made with sustainable procedures. By saving lives, your skin and nature with one decision, you will definitely feel a lot better.


8. No harsh prices either

After everything is said and done, consumers are still greatly influenced by the price factor. Thankfully, vegan beauty product prices are comparable to non-vegan products which justifies the switch all the more.



After going through the above piece of information, you will be compelled to consider vegan makeup as your next choice. And the natural order is to inform you about our home brands that offer cruelty-free products. Indian brands like Lenphor, Soulflower, Disguise, Plum, Alanna and The Nature’s Co. feature a good range in the vegan segment. Lenphor goes a step further by promising international quality products at reasonable pricing along with the cruelty-free feature. By now, if you are excited to start vegan products shopping, visiting would be a good start!

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