Primer makeup will add professionalism to your look. Let us tell you why! So, you apply beautiful makeup but notice that it has become cakey or creasy within hours. You apply beautiful eyeliner, but soon you notice that it has started to smudge off. Aren’t you tired of it? What’s the point of putting on such gorgeous makeup if it’s not going to stay for as long as you want? Well, there’s one amazing product that will save you from these troubles. It’s the primer!

Add primer to your makeup routine and see wonders for yourself. It’s a step before the foundation, to keep your makeup intact and long-lasting. It’s the base of your makeup that sets the bar high for the perfection of your makeup. Every makeup enthusiast needs a primer in their bag because it’s a game changer. It might seem like an average product because not many understand its importance. However, without it, makeup lacks smoothness and flawlessness.

Lessens Production Of Oil

Primer is especially a blessing for oily skin. With a luminous finish and liquid formation, it’s a saviour that reduces the regulation of oil on your face. Makeup on oily skin gives an uneasy feeling and gives an oily look too. To save yourself from this, a primer is sure to help. Primer saves the makeup from becoming creasy and oily, as it mostly happens after a while. Your makeup will always look fresh, giving you a lovely glow.


Lenphor Gleaminator Primer not only provides a base for your makeup but also acts as an anti-aging cream. It is specially made to be an anti-aging primer. Wrinkles, marks, spots, everything is provided a clean base for makeup to be applied. Nothing is wrong with having wrinkles or spots on your face. If anything, it’s a mark of having lived a long life. However, if makeup is applied to it without a primer, it can become uneven and unbalanced. This is why a primer is important to create a clean base for your face and the fact that it’s anti-aging makes it all the more effective.

Moisturized Skin

When the skin gets dry after applying makeup, everyone knows the horrors of it. Makeup can get creasy and cakey, making you feel uncomfortable. Primer saves you from all these problems and provides you with moisturized skin. It’s the moisturized skin that helps in keeping the makeup intact and long-lasting, without ever losing its glow. Life already has a lot of problems, but makeup should definitely not be one of them. In fact, makeup should make you feel happy and confident. Thus, it is up to us to make our makeup as fresh and beautiful as possible so that will never lose its spark and a primer gets you a step closer to that.

Provides A Long-Lasting Makeup.

It’s a no-brainer. Once you’ve mastered the use of a perfect primer, long-lasting makeup is the reward. The sole reason we wear makeup is to enhance our features and look the best version of ourselves. But if applying makeup is completely opposite of that then what’s the point? If it lasts long, it’s only then that the true magic of makeup will be experienced. The key is to get your base right and that means adding primer to your makeup routine. Do so and you’ll never worry about your makeup ever again!

Can Be Used As The Only Product

If you’re not in the mood to put on entire makeup, from foundation to concealer, etc, you can simply put on a primer and still look just as amazing. It saves time and offers a velvety finish that gives you a youthful glow! You can also use bb cream on the already applied primer, to give an even perfect look. The look that just primer provides gives a perfectly natural look if your goal is a less dramatic look.

Lightweight In Nature

If primer is acting like a base for your makeup, and a determinant of your entire look, you’d think it would be a loaded, heavy product. But you’re wrong! Primer is the most lightweight product you’ll see. Also, it feels just as lightweight when applied. It’s one of the products that you soon forget exists on your face, due to its feathery nature and properties. It’s one of the main reasons why the natural glow remains on your face.

Suitable For All Skin Types

Primer is one of the few products that is suitable for all skin types. It doesn't have different shades or properties and this is the reason why it is so easy to use. It is sure to become your favourite product soon because of its simplicity.


At this point, we all know the importance of primer and how much it helps everyone. Those who use it regularly understand its reliability and that it is no less than a saviour. Yet, primer is not as common as the foundation or any other popular makeup product. Its importance is yet to be understood by the majority of people.

Apart from all the major reasons mentioned above, another blessing about a primer is that it acts as a sunscreen as well. It manages to offer many benefits and helps in keeping your makeup as fresh as possible. It’s a crucial product to have if you wish to glow throughout the day. What’s the point of buying makeup and spending time perfecting it if it’s going to be spoiled within hours of applying it? It can go from being cakey to being oily, depending on your skin. It’s only with the help of a primer can your makeup stays in place and does not falter. It might seem like another product but really it’s the only product that can make or break your entire product!

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