‘Toning’ simply put, is fine tuning of your skin. It gently cleans impurities, tightens pores and sets your skin tone. There are good and ‘expensive’ toners in the market but in this lockdown situation, an equally effective DIY toner would just be the thing you need. And so, we contrived to bring you these simple, effective and affordable toners. With not more than 2-3 ingredients, (most of which can already be found in your makeup kit) these DIY toners are a must-try for those who value their skin.


Sensitive Skin: When it comes to sensitive skin, ‘gentle’ is essential. Our first toner in the list with rose water and aloe vera is as gentle on your skin as it is effective. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness while antioxidants brighten the appearance.


½ cup of rose water

½ cup of aloe vera

Acne-Prone Skin: Acne-prone skin is more like ‘attention-seeking’ type. One needs to spare regular attention and care for this one. Our next DIY toner should soothe your acne-agonies with its antibacterial power. It will also even out skin tone and bottleneck frequent breakouts. To make this toner, boil two chamomile tea bags in water and mix with tea tree oil after cooling.


1 cup of chamomile tea*

2 drops of tea tree oil

Normal Skin: Boil two green tea bags in water. Cool it and mix with apple cider vinegar to make the perfect antifungal toner for your skin. Malic acid in apple cider vinegar contains AHAs which maintain the skin’s pH level. Caffeine content in the green tea provides the necessary antioxidants to protect the skin.


1 cup of green tea*

1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar

Oily Skin: The ideal toner for oily skin calls for aloe vera, rose water and witch hazel. Aloe vera hydrates the skin and controls pores by absorbing dirt or sebum. Witch hazel controls oil production by removing excess oil.


½ cup rose water

½ drops of aloe vera

½ cup of witch hazel

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