What do women want? Just a modest collection of every makeup item ever produced. The only hindrance is the price quotient associated with these products. Owning a collection of top-end cosmetic products is a costly affair. Especially, when you’ve just started. Choosing the right product from a thousand variants within your budget and promising good results can be quite overwhelming. But with some ace tips and makeup essentials we have detailed here, you will be able to create a beauty collection…on a budget!

Never bypass the basics

The beauty world is replete with temptation. Splurging on fancy products is a given. However, the rules for beginners to – get the basics in place. Before going pro, it is necessary to include certain makeup essentials in your modus operandi.

Base: Start with a primer as it creates a layer between your skin and makeup. A Hydrating Primer for Dry Skin like Lenphor’s Aqualicious smoothes the skin’s surface, balances the tone, and helps makeup last longer.

Face: For face enhancement, there are just unending varieties and forms of products to choose from. But as a novice in the beauty arena, the right Matte Compact Powder With SPF 25 should suffice to lighten your skin tone and maintain a natural-looking fresh appearance. Go for Lenphor’s Flawless Compact Powder for its good coverage and UV-protection features.

Eyes: For your eyes, you’ll need eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow product, and an eye shadow palette. Precision eyeliner like Lenphor’s Best Waterproof Eyeliner such as Timeless Eyeliner/I-Craze/Sketch-It will give a bigger, brighter appearance to your eyes. Mascara will add some drama with its intense look. Defining your eyebrows gets easy with Lenphor’s True Bromance or Get Set Brow product. As far as the palette is concerned try subtle colors and then go for the bolder ones.

Lips: As a newbie, any nude shade shall do the trick for your everyday lip beauty. It will help you to habituate to applying and wearing lipstick. You can progress from nude to bright shade to gloss or matte look eventually. To get the perfect shade for your lips check out Lenphor’s assorted Lipstick Collection Online.

Take off with knock-offs

Buying knock-offs of trendy products is a popular way of developing a makeup collection. Unknown to most, there are actually decent knock-offs in the market which deliver the same effect as their expensive counterparts. A little research and ingredient/formula comparison in this case goes a long way. It will definitely pay off in the form of a budget-friendly, fast-building makeup collection.

Quality V/s Quantity

Beginners often indulge in impulsive buying sprees of knock-offs or dupe products while building makeup collections. While most knock-offs are equivalent to their high-end versions sans the expensive tag, some are not worth the test of time. It is better to have a good-quality, smart collection of beauty products than to stuff your drawers with a substandard range.

Prey on makeup offers

‘SALE’ is arguably the second most powerful word that makes ladies scream with joy. Of course, SHOPPING still comes first. Before investing in expensive makeup products, scout for their availability with a promotional offer or a relative discount. Keep a tab on cosmetic brand websites for their sale season, and check out local stores for ongoing offers or even daily discounts on e-commerce portals. For instance, Lenphor offers a 25% discount for first-time buyers on their website which can be a lifesaver for beginners. Resisting the urge to buy a particular favorite/brand product for a while can avoid the curse of a lighter purse.

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