Dry and oily skin is something that every person faces. Pollution, extreme heat, a bad diet, and other issues result in dry and oily skin. Different skin creams available in the market help you overcome this problem. One such product is the BB Cream. People widely use BB cream for dry skin and oily skin. However, before you opt to buy any BB cream on the market, it is important to understand what it is and why it is vital to apply it on oily and dry skin.

What is BB Cream?

BB cream is the best substitute for a foundation, providing minimal coverage and staying gentle on the skin. BB stands for blemish balm, blemish base, and so on, but the result and use are the same. While they're all correct, beauty balm is probably the most realistic description of what it accomplishes in actuality. BB Cream is considered the best option, with features including smoothing, protecting, and tinting for the skin.

What does it do to the skin?

You don't need to spend on moisturizer or any other cream when you have BB clear face cream by your side. But using sunscreen is the best you can go for. If you have any other skin troubles, such as shine or breakouts, a blemish balm composition with added ingredients will readily handle those. However, some formulas go beyond.

Lenphor's BB cream for oily skin and dry skin works best. The cream absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a matte finish. You get waterproof and a long-wearing effect when applying rightly on your skin. Lenphor's BB Cream carries SPF15+ and is your go-to skin companion for UV-protected, uneven skin tone. Covers large areas, no more clogged pores, and simply a lovely skin tone with a gorgeous sheen are some of the benefits you get once you apply BB cream from Lenphor.

Applying BB cream on Oily Skin

Take BB Cream for oily skin with your fingers, just like you do with cream or foundation. A BB cream is easy to mix for a flawless finish because it isn't as thick as a regular foundation and has some moisturizers. Lenphor's BB Cream with SPF 15+, Vitamin E & Tea Tree Oil is a skincare-makeup combo that clears acne and addresses oily skin concerns. This light-coverage solution imparts a lovely, uniform shine to the skin.

Finding the Right BB cream SPF 15 for your dry and oily skin is something you need to consider. Choose an oil-free matte makeup if you have acne-prone or oily skin. As you see, most the BB creams are quite lightweight and fit perfectly on your skin. However, you need to check if the cream formulas are skin-friendly and offer the best result. If your skin could benefit from more hydration, go for a more moisturizing formula with a dewy finish. The moisturizing formula primes act perfect for a natural-looking finish. The cream also contains vitamin C and E ingredients and some natural extracts.


Lenphor's BB cream with tea tree oil is also wonderful for all skin types. The product moisturizes the skin while also removing shine. The cream contains SPF 15+, allowing you to skip two steps in your morning regimen.

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