One of the hard things women had to do to get the look they wanted was to pick out their makeup products. The issue is that there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing cosmetics and makeup.

When buying makeup products, you will come across multiple options to choose from and apply. Moreover, you need to consider your skin tone and other aspects of your skin. When picking out makeup, you should think about your skin tone, the quality, the ingredients, what you need, and what you feel comfortable using. Another problem is that so many products are on the market, like foundation, eyeliner, and a long list of others. This article presents you with a list of eye makeup products in 2023 you can choose to buy-

Waterproof Eyebrow Pen Eyebrow Lenphor 

The "micro-blading + brow filler" waterproof eyebrow pen from Lenphor has a ground-breaking comb-and-fill feature. Its finely tuned felt tip and small spikes make it easy to shape brows that look neat and natural. Being waterproof, you don't have to work hard to remove it from the eyebrow. There are different shades available, but the black shade is the best because it gives a natural look to your eyebrows. Moreover, the moisturizing combination helps to soften the skin and brow hair. The microblading features are intended to provide a classy and precise shape

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Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – I Craze

Waterproof liquid eyeliner is a special combination of light-diffusing particles that gives your eyes the ideal matte appearance. I-Craze Liquid Eyeliner is as much fun to apply as it is precise, thanks to its precision tip applicator. You will experience extra comfort as it dries quickly and glides easily. The product's one-stroke sharpness will appeal to you the most because it eliminates the traditional smudge problem from your eye makeup. There are 5 different options of color under gel eyeliner, and each stays for 24 hours without any dryness. The utterly waterproof eyeliner comes in shades including brown, black, and blue.

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Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner – Timeless

Lenphor's waterproof pencil eyeliner Timeless is known for its sharp, appealing eye finish. A water-repellent substance with a single stroke that produces a robust and long-lasting effect. It has excellent color pay-off qualities and is gentle on the eyes. It gives the feeling of smooth, creamy, and strongly cross-linked resin supported upon application. We provide six colors for our pencil eyeliner: black, blue, gold by nature, grey, silver, and green.

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Black Sketch Pen Eyeliner – Sketch It

The black sketch pen eyeliner is a deep black with a sketchy finish that gives the eyes a matte, non-transferable look. Thanks to the pen's fluid ink flow controlled by a fine felt tip; you can achieve a professional finish with incredible waterproof qualities and polymeric film star power for 24 hours. You can choose different shades that go well with the eyeliner tone.

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Waterproof & Smudge Proof Mascara – Lashalicious

The smudge-proof waterproof mascara from Lenphor stays for long hours and appeals to your brow hair. Once you apply over, it builds the overall volume. The best part is there are no side effects, and you can remove the mascara using water. It also boasts a long-wearing quality and the assurance of a smudge-proof appearance that endures for hours. Additionally, it contains components that protect your eyelashes so they can maintain their naughty flutter all day.

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You can select among the above-listed eye makeup products from Lenphor, allowing you to choose and buy.

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