It's not unexpected that finding the best foundation cream has recently become a higher priority for you. We are now much more inclined towards keeping our face skin glowing and acne-free. It's normal to want to put on your best face. Many of the top foundation creams in the market have been designed to provide flawless coverage and prioritize our skin's health. Applying the right foundation cream matters the most, irrespective of skin type. Lenphor, one of the leading beauty stores online, offers a range of face foundation cream products that can fit every skin type. Lenphor has the two most vital products if you find the best foundation cream for your skin type. We have listed them below-

Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid & SPF 30

The ultra-spherical powders in Lenphor's Luminous liquid foundation give the skin an even appearance and a sensory touch. The formulation of Hyaluronic acid offers active hydration and filling action, benefiting the long-term and giving an anti-aging effect. The cream can blur defects with the help of a soft-focus complex. Once you apply the cream, your skin will have a silky and natural look and remain hydrated for lengthy periods. Vitamin offers antioxidant protection, while the shine control characteristics give optical smoothing. The cream works as a multi-action liquid foundation designed specifically for Indian skin tones.

Some key ingredients are- Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, and others.

Creamalish Makeup Foundation Cream

Lenphor's Creamalish foundation has an appealing silky feel for normal skin. A precise blend of spherical particles in its formulation provides greater shine control throughout the day. It contains nutritious Hyaluronic acid, which provides deep moisturization and anti-aging effects. The cream comes with the ingredients mixture of Vitamin E, UVA-UVB protection, and a paraben-free product that can mix smoothly with all skin types for long hours a day.

When it comes to the ingredients, it has the presence of Vitamin E and other essential chemicals for smooth skin.

Benefits of Applying Foundation Cream for Skin

By using the right foundation for your skin, you will have several benefits in the long term. Some of the benefits are mentioned below-

Sun Protection

While sunshine is beneficial to the skin by providing Vitamin D, excessive exposure can cause skin damage and premature aging. During the summer season, getting exposed to UV rays can damage your skin largely. Applying a good foundation with natural sun protection, ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium oxide can help your skin fight against UV rays.

Improves Overall Skin Tone

Foundation conceals flaws on the skin, giving it a smoother finish and a healthy glow. Applying the right skin foundation will help balance your skin tone and improve your complexion. Some premium foundations contain ingredients that improve the underlying skin tone, enhancing your natural luminosity.

Carries Anti-Ageing Properties

The foundation is a barrier, preventing infections and contaminants from colonizing the skin's surface. It helps minimize the damage of free radicals and the growing aging caused by these particles.


No matter what type of skin you have, using the right foundation cream that meets your skin needs is vital. Moreover, these foundation creams for longer-period, and you don't have to keep investing in new products once it sets to your skin. Lenphor is one of the leading beauty brands offering face foundation cream products with result-oriented ingredients.



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