Whether you are wearing full-face makeup, doing just a touch-up, or using minimal makeup, one thing you will surely need is eyeliner. You can use the best eyeliner in India and add dramatic wings or play with the bold lines to stitch your makeup together. 

Ensure that you choose an eyeliner that stays intact and comes in rain or shine. Waterproof eyeliners from Lenphor can resist all things, including humidity, water, and sweat, and even last for hours.

Tips for buying the best waterproof eyeliner in India

  • Various eyeliners are available today, from liquid to pencil ones and even cream ones. You should always choose the one with which you are comfortable. You can start with pencil kohl if you are a beginner. You can quickly move on to the retractable or felt tip pen eyeliner. Once you have mastered the gel and the liquid-based eyeliners, you can easily use them.
  • As per the look that you want, you can use different eyeliners. Liquid eyeliner is your best bet if you wish to have thin lines. If more precision is needed, use a pen with a felt tip, especially for wink eyeliners.
  • Choose a shade that will complement your eye color and skin tone instead of making you look washed out if you choose any colored liner.
  • Consider the finish you are looking for between glossy and matte, especially for liquid liners.

Get your hands on the best eyeliners in India

The best matte eyeliner is your best bet because it is suitable for everyone, whether you are a pro or a beginner. It will help you transform your look. You can use this eyeliner no matter whether you want to create a soft or dramatic look.

Different types of waterproof eyeliners are available with us

Liquid eyeliner

The long-lasting eyeliner is one of the best among all the eyeliners in our collection. It is designed with long-lasting and intense colors, ideal for dramatic looks. Our eyeliner can be dried quickly and will be the best for smudged eyes.

Kajal eyeliner

The kajal eyeliner is generally way more than average, offering the best solutions to create a smoky look. You can choose to apply directly to the waterline.

Glitter eyeliner

The glitter eyeliner goes way beyond just for Halloween and holiday parties. You can add a touch of glam to your style with glitter eyeliner.

Eyeliner pencil

The eyeliner pencil is one of the best applications and is ideal for you if you love experimenting with eyeliners. We provide high-quality smudge proof eye liner pencil, which can give one of the most dramatic looks. Whether a noon party or a nice one, a thick eyeliner on the lids never goes out of fashion. 

We also have eyeliner stickers available, which you can choose to buy by visiting our website now! Our eyeliners are easy to use, so don't think twice before buying them.

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    smudge proof eyeliner

    smudge proof eyeliner

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