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What would we do without nail polish? Just think of all the unshiny, terrible-looking, uncolorful nails we’d all have to put up with! It’d be a disaster. But what could be equally disastrous is the disagreement between your nail shape and nail paint shades. Now, nail shapes are god-given. Long, short, narrow, or wide. We can’t choose our desired nail shape. But we certainly can groom them with the right color shade. Read through to understand how you can enhance the appearance of your nails with the most compatible and best long lasting matte finish nail polish colours.

Given the geometry of this type, your nails will appear wider and relatively shorter. What you need is sheer nudes or shimmery metallics that will ease the sharp edges of your nails. It will also give them a longer appearance. Just steer clear of any darker hues to avoid a harsh look.

Lenphor’s Recommended Shades:

Drunken Pink – This pink nail polish is a beautiful medley of deep pink and brown tinges. Paint your nails with this shade to descend on any party floor as an enchantress.

The Doppio - The Doppio reveals the darker side of you with its near-sinister shade. A streak of coffee and a hint of grey, your nails look sharper, ready to play.

Nude Seduction - Nude Seduction is a must nude nail polish for the playful side in you. After all, the flavour of life is not being ‘too sweet’ all the time. For short nails, this is also an ideal go-to shade.

Apart from these shades, any metallic nail polish shade from Lenphor’s Glittery or Chrome Finish range is perfect.

Darker hues turn out to be a match for shorter, round nails. The curved tips of this type can come alive with reds, creamy pastels, etc. This nail type can even rock a back nail polish or a dark blue nail polish. The darker look gives your nails a crisp, clean style and complements their tender canvas.
Lenphor’s Recommended Shades:

Mango Tango – Mango Tango is a soft variant of yellow nail polish that appeals to the sense of trailblazers. An offbeat colour that flaunts style and sophistication when coated on short, round nails.

Bluemistan - Bluemistan transforms simple-looking fingernails into exemplary objects of desire. A glimpse of nails immersed in this classic blue variant is a sight to behold. A compelling shade for short, round nails.

Crazy in love - ‘Crazy In Love’ is the catalyst in matters of the heart. This deep red nail polish augments short nails to such perfection; winning hearts becomes their second nature.


The most desired shape amongst the lot. And for a good reason. Long, slender nails with the right reds or burgundy paints look gorgeous. Those blessed with this shape can also go for light colour nail polish (light pinks) or nudes that look equally fantastic. Be cautious about bold blues and purples though.

Lenphor’s Recommended Shades:

Moonlight - Moonlight could be fairly categorized as nude nail polish. It blends flawlessly with your skin tone to enhance your fingernails’ presence.

Knock Please - Knock Please devotedly rocks the darker version of the peach shade. It renders an earthly look to the nails which readily pair their tone with this suave partner.

Rusty Ruby - Rusty Ruby is downright bold and audacious. A dusty variant of the classic red, it renders a smokin’ red shine to your fingernails.


This one is the ‘universal’ type. Long, wide nails go well with just about any colour. You can select from nude to sheer, bold to opaque, white nail polish to purple nail polish, and every shade will magically work in your favour. To enhance things further, you can file the wider edges for a square or rounder shape according to your style.

Lenphor’s Recommended Shades:

Peach me - Peach Me interprets a natural, softer tone. Watch authentic peach colour enhance your nails as you apply thin coats of this ultra-premium nail polish for women.

Alabaster - Alabaster shade has a rare, bespoke aura about it. Any chapter in the beauty world about ‘premium’ and ‘polish’ is incomplete without the Alabaster shade.

La Nature - La Nature brings pure green nail polish allure to your fingertips. Lead the scene with this pigmented organic green imprint.

Consider this as a mini tour of Lenphor’s extensive nail paint range. There is much more to explore from their matte, glittery, and chrome finish nail tint variants.

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