Having oily skin is a concern, as your skin is always vulnerable to pimples and acne. Most importantly, oily skin people find problems in applying the makeup foundation. Due to oily skin, the foundation does not sit on the skin well. In such cases, you must invest in an oil control primer. Applying the primer will help you to apply foundation to your skin easily. Nevertheless, the makeup foundation will stay longer on your skin without getting uneven.

So, what is the best makeup primer for oily skin? You can find multiple products in the marketplace, and this article has listed the three best makeup primers in India.

1. Pore Filling Primer Radiant Glow – Glam Touch

A pore filling primer is highly recommended for people with oily skin. When oily skin people apply foundation, they often notice that skin pores around the nose and other areas become visible over the foundation. Applying the pore-filling primer will hide these pores efficiently. When you apply foundation after applying this primer, your skin pores will never become visible to ruin your makeup.

Besides hiding the skin pores efficiently, the primer also adds a radiant glow to your face. This gel-type formation is easy-to-apply to the facial skin. After applying, you need to wait a few minutes before applying the foundation makeup. Though this pore-filling primer is recommended for oily skin, dry-skin people can also apply the primer before applying the foundation. A primer makes your makeup base smoother, and thus you look sharp and glamorous.

2. Anti-Ageing Primer for Face

You can try this anti-ageing primer if you want to buy the best primer for oily skin. As the name suggests, the product comes with anti-ageing properties. Moreover, it can also efficiently hide your wrinkles, skin sagginess, and other skin ageing signs. Applying this primer before the foundation will keep your oily skin pores hidden.

This facial primer is a liquid formulation, and you need to spread it well on your face before applying the foundation. After applying the primer, you should wait for a few minutes to let your skin pores soak the primer.

3. Hydrating Primer for Dry Skin – Aqualicious

This Aqualicious hydrating facial primer for dry skin will add an instant glow and a soothing effect to your skin. In many cases, people seeking oil control primers do not go for hydrating primers. But, this product is different, as it suits both dry and oily skins. The light moistening effect of this primer will keep your makeup young and attractive all day long.

The primer is non-greasy, and thus oily skin people will not face greasing issues after applying it. The gel formulation of the primer is easy to apply to the facial skin. The hydrating effect also keeps your skin protected from the harsh impacts of cosmetic makeup items.

So, these are the best primer for pores and wrinkles. Lenphor is a top brand for manufacturing skin-friendly makeup items in India. The top-quality primers mentioned above from this brand are suitable for both dry and oily skin. 

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