Food, Clothing, Shelter and Skincare constitute the essentials of 21st-century living. A lot goes on every second around the globe to achieve the next skincare/cosmetic ‘miracle’. All of us are part of this ongoing phenomenon and in a way, do our best to propel it. We invest in trendiest products, beauty treatments and expensive therapies to be the best we can be. While we leave no stone unturned to avail the finest skincare regime, we inadvertently commit some mistakes in the process. Lenphor provides solution for avoiding Skin Care Mistakes, here are the most common ones –

Exfoliating All Too Often

Exfoliation is totally necessary. Overdoing it is an outright buzzkill. Especially, if you are using harsh products which can easily result in irritation, inflammation, redness and other dermal conditions. Go easy on the skin while scrubbing. Opt for harmless, most suitable products for your skin type to keep its natural form intact.

Incorrect Product Layering

Experts recommend applying skincare products in a proper order to ensure the maximum benefit of each product. Uncoordinated layering may deter some important ingredient from entering the skin which ultimately will deprive your skincare regimen of best results. The ideal sequence is to start with the lightweight products and finish with the thicker ones.

Ignoring Makeup Removal Ritual  

The most notorious of all makeup misdemeanours. Removing makeup is often substituted by quick makeup wipes under the pretence of time, tiredness. These wipes clean only the upper layer, leaving behind unattained grime and pollution on your skin surface. Resultantly, karma retaliates with clogged pores, ageing skin and breakouts. So next time, spare a few minutes of your precious time to rinse your face and remove makeup properly.

Not Following Beauty Hygiene

The importance of beauty hygiene cannot be stressed enough. To benefit from beauty treatments, it is imperative to practice a proper beauty routine. Otherwise, all your time and efforts to look beautiful will go in vain. Your everyday products, accessories like product packaging, brushes, towels, pillowcase and even your phone are potential carriers of bacteria which could be transferred to your skin if not cleaned (or sanitized) regularly. Here’s an easy tip – Buy a disinfectant spray and give these items a spritz from time to time.

Fiddling with Pimples

Popping that annoying pimple can be quite compelling. But remember, while coaxing that debris out from the pore, you are unknowingly letting some of it permeate deeper into the follicle. If the follicle wall is ruptured, this material further enters the dermis which can worsen blemishes and develop acne scars too. This wound will take longer to heal and serve as an open ground for bacteria. The best way to deal with a pimple is to apply a sufficiently hot compress (not too hot) to it over regular intervals, as it will make the pimple drain itself.

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