Once upon a time, a renowned model approached a bank asking for a ‘makeup loan’. The bank agreed to finance her makeup at absolutely 0% interest sans the infamous ‘conditions apply’ clause! Too good to be true? Well, so are the promises made by most of the expensive cosmetic brands? We believe in them anyways and cave into the clever advertising, fancy packaging, or favorite celebrity endorsement.

Designer makeup may have a superior fragrance or better pigmentation. However, in most cases, the fundamental ingredients or basic composition of drugstore brands is equivalent to their pricier counterparts. Ironically, it is the ingredient part that these expensive brands factor in to justify their price tag. Sometimes, it is just worth to go for a luxury brand. But a smart consumer will always compare the ingredients, quality, and efficacy of the product before investing in it. Here are the crucial aspects to analyze before you max out your credit card, solely for the gratification of status symbol –

Corresponding Ingredients 

The ingredients of any cosmetic product constitute its credibility. Here, the preference should be for brands (irrespective of its price or popularity) which comprise more skin-friendly, nourishing components (e.g. shea butter, natural oils) than harsh, filler components (e.g. alcohol, silicone). In any given category of products, if you were to choose a particular brand, pick the one with better ingredients whether it’s a luxury or local brand.

Quick Recommendation: Lenphor offers the same quality ingredients and results as that of a premium brand in the same category. The only difference? The premium brand product is nearly 5 times costlier than Lenphor. Find more details about the product.

Product over Packaging

One can be easily smitten by the stunning packaging of luxurious cosmetics. You have to understand that you will be using the product and not its the packaging. The key is to read the label carefully for any outstanding feature offered by high-end brands that are missing in their drugstore equivalent. You will notice a similarity in the results offered by both brands, with the latter saving you some serious bucks.

Quick Recommendation: Lenphor lipstick gives you the same rich look, color payoff and long-wearing results as one international brand priced. You will be surprised to know the price of the former.

Quality is not Proprietary

Just as affordable products are perceived as sub-standard quality, high price is no guarantee of quality either. It is upon the consumer to act wisely and be a better judge of quality. For instance, the formulation of a premium brand may generate results even with a little amount of product while a modest brand may demand relatively more amount of product to achieve the same result. The former turns out to be an appropriate choice in the long run. While comparing, it is essential to consider not just the price factor but also the longevity and quantity of product peruse.

Quick Recommendation: Only a little quantity of Lenphor will give you the same result as its high-end equivalent which comes at Rs.5000. It is equally steady on its long-lasting abilities only at a lesser price.

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