Have you noticed that when you or someone else do their eyebrows, suddenly the entire look changes? It’s because eyebrows are the most important feature of your face. One tiny change and it’s apparent on your entire face. This is why it’s true when people say that eyebrows can either make or break your entire look. The power of eyebrows is such that they can enhance your look and transform you into an advanced version of yourself. So, it's up to you to take as much advantage of this as possible.

Mostly, we visit the salon for perfect eyebrows. Then it’s completely upon your luck how well the hairdresser does it. If they do a great job then you’re safe, but if not, then it’s a really terrible situation to be in! You have to wait for a month or so until it grows into its natural shape again! It’s a scary game to depend on someone else, isn’t it? Even if you do have a trusted hairdresser who does a great job, there’s always a possibility of them leaving. The point is why depend on anyone? If you’re dealing with the most powerful feature on your face, then take the power into your own hands and do a job as you want it! The question is, how do you get this control over yourself? The answer is very simple! An eyebrow pen! With an eyebrow pen, you have the ability to be in control of your own look! Save the trips to the salon and be your own hairdresser. But before that learn the use of an eyebrow pen, so you not only up your brow game but be on top of it.

How To Use An Eyebrow Pen?

Eyebrows are responsible for framing your face. With the help of an eyebrow pen, you can achieve a perfect look for yourself. Learn how to use an eyebrow pen step by step, so excellence arrives at your doorstep.

Step 1: Outline Your Brow Shape

First and foremost, outline your brow shape. It creates a boundary for the eyebrow pen to be applied evenly. When it’s perfectly done, applying it becomes easier than before and the shape of your eyebrow stays in place. If this step is skipped, eyebrows might lose their shape and look uneven.

Step 2: Fill The Brow.

Your brows need to be dark enough. What’s the point of having eyebrows, if they’re not even being seen? This is why lightly fill in your eyebrows, so they appear lively enough to make your face equally lively. Remember to apply so in an upward motion so that the look appears evened out.

Step 3: Taper Arches With Tip

Now comes the last step. With the tip of the pen, taper the arches well. With sharp arches, you will finally receive the look that you’ve been desiring. It’s as simple as this! With just three steps, you have transformed yourself into a new person!

It’s important to own an eyebrow pen because it saves time and is easy to use. It'll soon become a valuable asset to every woman’s routine since eyebrows are an important part of beauty, thus, the product will act as a saviour. It also comes with many benefits. Read further to know more.

Perfect Sharpening

An eyebrow pen helps in forming the perfect sharpness that is needed for eyebrows. Sharpness is a crucial characteristic of perfect eyebrows. Eyebrow pens help in forming perfect boundaries for the eyebrows, due to which the sharpness is easily achievable and more evident. It’s the sharpness that adds to the look.

Dual Function ( Macroblading + Brow filler)

Micro blading is similar to getting a tattoo but in a limiting way. Microblading is a revolutionary term in the world of makeup. Microblading is what gives the look of professional beauty to the eyebrow. It’s greatly responsible for filling the brows as well.


Due to Micro-blading, this is the most long-lasting product you’ll come across. As we all know, having long-lasting eyebrows is a dream of many people! Well, looks like all our dreams are finally coming true! Trust Get-Set-Brow to finally be everything you need, a trustworthy friend, an answer to all your prayers, and a lot more.

Easy To Use

The most important characteristic of an eyebrow pen is that it is easy to use. It’s simple, long-lasting, and uncomplicated. Aren’t you thankful your monthly trips to the salon are being saved and with that even your money is being saved! An eyebrow pen is a perfect investment for yourself because you’ll receive a professional look with perfect eyebrows all by yourself! Look who’s depending on no one but yourself! It’s definitely a personal upgrade!


In conclusion, an eyebrow pen is definitely made for your rescue! It saves time and money. It’s also an investment of a lifetime! Let’s be real, we all understand how important eyebrows are for our overall look. Weren’t we all exhausted constantly trying to keep up the look? It had become part of the monthly routine, to always take time out of our busy schedules, book salon appointments, and a lot more. With an eyebrow pen in the picture, most of these things would be cut down. So, worry about nothing but looking your best self every day. It seriously helps in upgrading our eyebrow game and helps us win! Having perfect eyebrows every time is definitely a flex and it’s worth showing off about! So, it’s time you accept the eyebrow pen as your new best friend, thus, every day ends up being your lucky day! Apart from that, there’s power in creating your own perfect look without depending on professionals! Along with an upgraded look, your confidence is being upgraded as well! The universe is definitely in your favour!

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