Say what you want, but perfecting the Best Waterproof Eyeliner in India is a daunting task. So much so that it often ends up from groovy eyes to cringe-worthy eyes. Particularly, when you have to create that symmetrical winged look. Getting it right is as if the manifestation of the proverbial learning curve. Nevertheless, here’s some eyeliner wisdom to perfect the art of flattering eyes!

Step 1– Pencil before precision: If you are ‘eyeing’ for precision, a liquid liner is an ideal tool. But for all those not-so-eye-perfectionists, it is better to draw the shape first with a good pencil liner (e.g. Lenphor’s Timeless Eyeliner Pencil). Then go for the sharp liquid liner master stroke finish. It ups your perfection and makes it a lot easier to clean than liquid liner.

Step 2- Always be centered: While applying the liner, the best spot, to begin with, is from the center of your upper lash line. Then move steadily towards the outer edge of your lash line. Once that is done, start from the inner edge of your upper lash line and connect it to the middle spot where you started. Finally, fill out any gaps with lighter strokes to get a fine-tuned even line.

Step 3- Tape Set Go: When aiming for the perfect winged look, your household tape definitely comes in handy. Remove the excess glue and place the tape right below your designated wing area. Angle it to meet near the tail end of the brow. Now, use the tape border as the tracking line to draw a sharp, flawless wing. You are set for a mess-free winged eyeliner look!

Step 4- Soft and smoking’ hot:  Every once in a while, it is alleviating to go for the softer effect. To achieve that, begin with a pencil to create the wing at the outer corner of the lashes. Then smoke it out using a smudger in back & forth motion. (Recommended product: Lenphor’s Smudge Me Eye Pencil)

Step 5- Connecting the dots: Nothing like the easy stuff, right? Just grab a good quality eyeliner (recommended Lenphor’s Sketch-It Eyeliner) and create a line of dots on the upper lash line. Connect these dots to create a straight line and nail that winged look just like that.

Step 6 Tightline for elevated eyes: For a more natural look, consider tight lining your eyes. Apply the liner on your upper lid between the lashes for a dramatic finish. It will also create an illusion of thicker lashes.

Step 7- Wing Shape vs. Eye Shape: Choosing the most suitable wing style as per your eye shape is as important as choosing between raccoon eyes and ravishing eyes. For instance, if you have small deep-set eyes, create a thin line with a horizontal flick close to the lash line. But if you have round eyes, add a liner to the outer corners to balance the look. Comprende?

Step 8- Correcting inaccuracies: After all the artistry, it’s time for a quality check a.k.a. Girl’s Eye View a.k.a. nothing ever escapes the probing eyes of a woman.  Any slip out of the liner can be corrected by letting it dry and later wiping it with a makeup remover. You can use a Q tip or angled brush to do so.


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