In the land of the ‘selfie-obsessed’, getting the perfect pout is the foremost commandment. So, how do you get the perfect full lips without any fillers? From choosing the right color of lipstick to precisely applying it, is the key! Even the thinnest of lips can be amped up in volume and transformed into a plumper and luscious pout.

We all agree on one thing finding the perfect lipstick is no less a challenge than finding the right partner. But with Lenphor’s premium range of treasure matte lipsticks, getting the perfect pout has never been easier. Just one swipe of treasure matte lipstick on your lips gets you optimum color coverage/ intensity. The lipstick is fade resistant and meticulously crafted to be a pout booster. It is a waterproof lipstick with a smooth and creamy texture. It has non-drying properties, is pure vegan, and is 100% cruelty-free. This long-lasting lipstick is highly pigmented and feels extremely light on your lips.

How to apply treasure matte lipstick to get the perfect pout? Here’s how:

  1. First, gently exfoliate your lips.
  2. Remove the cap of the product and then gently twist and smoothly glide the lipstick on your lips using the conveniently angled tip.
  3. Start at the center of the upper lip and gradually move outwards towards the corners.
  4. Next, apply it to the lower lip as well.
  5. Lastly, blend it to get the perfect finish.

The right shade of lipstick has the power to make or break your look. Here is a little brief about some of the treasure long lasting matte liquid lipstick shades by Lenphor, to help you choose the right color:

  1. Crimson Red: This shade is your answer to the all-time dilemma of what shade should you wear. This dusty red variant goes perfectly with almost any attire. The specialty of this shade is that it looks good on every skin tone. Also, the most popular pouts are born in all shades of red.
  2. Exotic wine: This lipstick color is a combination of smooth wine and dark red. It turns your lips into a thing of desire with an exotic pout.
  3. Violet Rose: If you want the assurance of a royal entrance at any event, go for this shade. Its eccentric purple shade with a violet undertone inherits the mark of grandeur.
  4. Red soil: Classic red temptation with an earthy flavor makes this shade a quintessential mood booster.
  5. Darkish Taupe: This is known to be the most exotic shade in the matte category. This pure mauve shade is guaranteed to give you the most luscious pout.
  6. Supernova Red: This is your ticket to flirtatious pouty lips. This delicious combination of red and pink is a burst of high-spirited indulgence resulting in a sexy pout.
  7. Sunset Brown: It is a scintillating amalgamation of supernova red and a subtle brown tone that makes you stand out from the crowd effortlessly.
  8. Almond coffee: This shade is as delicious as it sounds and is quite the conversation starter. A collaboration of funky pink and brownie notes, it makes up for an interesting pout.
  9. Pale Brown: A tempting blend of deeper brown charm and princely purple appeal, this shade adorns your lips in more ways than one with a fabulous pout.
  10. Vibrant Plum: It brings forth the allure of dusty pink and paints a rosy picture in the eyes of the beholder with a vibrant pout.
  11. Pink Romance: With its vivacious pink shade brimming with energy and intimacy, this lipstick enthralls you in a heartbeat with an addictive pout.
  12. Orange Awaken: If you want a sassy pout, this bolt of orange with a pink undertone slays mercilessly and no admirers are left unturned.
  13. Dark Plummer: It comes with the promise of an organic pout with the authentic color of plum coming alive on your lips and you are sure to replace it with your favorite go-to lipstick shade.
  14. Boysen nude: Nude lipstick is quite the rage these days and if you want a natural-looking pout, opt for this one without a second thought. It is the flagbearer of rich purple variants and despite being barely noticeable, it casts a long-lasting spell!

There are more shades that will captivate your attention and undoubtedly, this collection of lipsticks by Lenphor is the best matte lipstick range you will find in the cosmetics market. Now go on and grab your favorite shade and flaunt that perfect pout this winter season!

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