A box of chocolates has been a timeless solution to turn a frowning curve upside down. This delicious little devil has seduced many a souls, from kids to grandparents, into acting against their will in return for a taste of it. Nevertheless, this sweet temptation regularly makes it to our shopping cart, refrigerator, pockets, purses, backpacks and to the heart. No one ever complained about its ‘guilty pleasure’ either. But dig this – chocolates are awesome for skin! The pleasure just doubled? Indeed.

Being a ready source of antioxidants, cocoa butter, minerals, fatty acids and other cacao-derived ingredients, chocolates have been widely used for their intrinsic skin-conditioning properties. Hence, on this International Chocolate Day, we unwrap some cocoa goodness you could work in your beauty routine for fun and fabulousness.

Sweet Tooth for Sweetest Pout.

Honestly, not many ladies know that eating chocolates could aid their efforts for that perfect pout. Cocoa powder possesses lip-stimulating properties which boost collagen formation. It gives you plumper looking lips to rock that irresistible pout. Besides, it’s also a natural mood enhancer.

Stay Young. Stay Chocolaty.

Anti-oxidants content in chocolate carry anti-ageing properties. It prevents collagen breakdown and monitors the skin’s ageing process. Cocoa powder also improves skin elasticity to check fine lines, wrinkles and helps skin tightening.

Antioxidant Avatar

It is a proven fact that regular (and controlled) consumption of dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health. Anti-oxidants and flavanols present in cacao beans protect the skin from free radicals to keep it soft and gorgeous.

Relish the Nourishment

Cocoa powder contains good amount of vitamin E. It deeply nourishes your skin and moisturizes it simultaneously. Cocoa’s inbuilt ability to increase the production of collagen imparts a natural glow to the face.

Natural Mood Booster

Chocolates are not just great for skin, but an effective remedy to enlighten your mood.Cocoa helps reduce stress harmones giving you an instant feel-good factor.

Well, there you go. Your favorite chocolate is now part of your skincare mantra. Have fun with some of the most popular chocolate beauty regimes like chocolate facial, chocolate hydrating face mask, chocolate-coffee scrub, chocolate-mint foot scrub, chocolate hair smoothie and lots of other chocolate-fruit combinations. After all, what could be a better skincare product than something you have tried and ‘tasted’ for years.

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