Highlighters are the real deal. They elevate your face from dull to dewy in a matter of minutes. Their application goes beyond the cheekbones. Eyes, lips, brows…the entire body. However, like any other beauty essential known to the living, the correct application makes all the difference. You don’t have to be an artist for it. Just having the eyes for the right process can elevate the game. Or, you can just read the rest of our blog ‘highlighting’ those hacks to get you glowing….

The Layering Effect

Each type of highlighter, viz., powder, cream or liquid, varies in its form of finish/texture. Powder texture furnishes a dramatic finish while cream/liquid variants give a natural, softer finish. If you are aiming for some real scene stealer look, go for a cream/liquid highlighter first, and then using a fan brush, layer it with highlighter powder.

Forge Bigger Eyes

Use this simple tip to make your eyes look bigger. Apply highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes or your eyelid center or under the tail end of your brow. Any one of these spots or all combined will give a popping effect to your eyes.

The Foundation Fix

Mixing your highlighter with foundation boosts your radiance to an all new level. Take few drops of liquid/cream highlighter and blend them with your foundation to form a cohesive mixture. Apply as usual and see the difference yourself.

Reinvent Highlighting Setting Powder

Here’s the ultimate glow generating tip: Create your own highlighting setting powder. Take a tiny amount of shimmer powder and combine it with a loose setting powder. The resultant mix will definitely make you feel the proverbial glow of happiness.

Highlighter + Setting Spray Combo

Soak a small sponge in setting spray. Then carefully dip it in the cream highlighter. Gently apply this mix on your face, focusing on the highpoints. You will thank your shinning stars after seeing the final results of this trick.

Cupid’s Glow

Fuller lips are a killer. To give your lips a good lift, add some shimmer at the Cupid’s bow and notice the sudden change in their appearance whenever you pout. Go Shimmer Ya’ll !

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