Glam Touch Primers are unsung heroes of the makeup universe. These soft creams/gels stay hidden but ensure fresh, flawless makeup all day. Mostly, primers are applied before the foundation, for fixing fine lines and smoothen uneven skin tone. This lays the perfect base to build on your desired look. The rule here is to apply it perfectly to get maximum benefits. So, how do you master the fine art of primer application? Read on…

 Glam Touch Primer

STEP 1: Exfoliate your skin for a neat and clean surface.

 Glam Touch Primer

STEP 2:Use a gentle moisturizer and allow it to sink into your skin.

 Glam Touch Primer

STEP 3: Apply a good quality primer (Lenphor Glow Touch Best Primer for Oily & Dry Skin) using your fingertips, blending from the nose outwards. A light layer sufficiently does the job.

 Glam Touch Primer

STEP 4: Give it a few minutes to take effect and voila! smooth, even-toned skin is ‘primed’ for applying your makeup.

 Tips to Make the Most From Your Primer Routine -

Lenphor's Glam Touch Primers have evolved from a makeup artist’s exclusive tool to every girl’s must-have beauty essential. You can choose from an array of formulas and types, viz., blurring primers, color correcting primers, anti-aging primers, illuminating primers, pore minimizing primers, mattifying primers, and hydrating primers.

- Always apply a moisturizer before applying primer for the best results

- Choose the one that suits your skin type. For dry skin, go for a hydrating primer. Mattifying primer minimizes the shine of oily skin. Water-based primers are best for sensitive/acne-prone skin. Primers with nourishing ingredients are good for aging skin.

- Try to consider primers that are infused with SPF, additional for UV protection.

- Try before buying is always recommended.

- Be careful while applying around the eyes.                                   

Product to consider: Lenphor Glam Touch Glow Primer.

Lenphor Glam Touch Glow Primer is endowed with an excellent mattifying effect and amazing pore-filling properties. It holds your makeup for long hours while nourishing ingredients keep the skin soft and supple.

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