Lenphor’s Long Lasting Cheekylicious Face Blush Makeup Powder is a radiance-boosting blush that gives a natural-looking flush for the apples of your cheeks. An ultra-soft genius that promises you buildable coverage with every stroke. You also get a meticulous amount of tint and tone to be photo-ready in a jiffy. However, it is important to understand its application, based on your face shape to get the best results. So quickly, let’s get on to it.


Lenphor Cheekylious Bluss

Oval shape 

If you have an oval face, apply Lenphor face blush at the prominent part of your cheekbones. Then stroke it downwards near the earlobe and then blend upwards towards the temple.

Heart shape 

Start from the top of the temple and apply it in almost a ‘C’ shape down to your cheekbone. The objective is to draw attention towards the cheekbones away from the strong jawline.

Square shape 

For square-shaped face, sweep the blush across the cheekbones towards the higher side. Use gentle, long motions. Then pull the blush from the eyebrows down to the nose, blending softly.   

Round shape 

Begin from the apples of your cheeks, blending upwards towards the temple. Don’t blend closer to the nose, as it will make the face look rounder.

Oblong shape 

Apply blush on cheekbones and blend towards the nose. After that, bring it out towards the temple.  

Diamond shape 

When you have a diamond face, apply lenphor blush to the top of your cheekbones, blending towards the ears.

Apart from these variations, blush application largely depends on the size of the cheeks and the blush shade. To achieve those stunning apple cheeks, a face with small cheeks will need more blush than a face with large cheeks and vice versa. Likewise, the quantity of blush also depends on its shade. So, choose your blush palette wisely. The darker the shade, the lesser the quantity and the brighter the shade, the higher is the quantity of product required. Cheekylicious blush is available in 4 compelling shades for Indian skin tone, viz., Coral Rush, Flamingo, Pink Pop, and Tempting Rose.

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