Shimmer powder is no less than a blessing, provided you use it wisely. It can make your skin glow in no time and also improve your look flawlessly. You can use loose powder shimmer and highlight your face like never before. You should go for a golden or a bronze shimmer if you have a dark tone. Provided you have very fair skin; then you should go for silver shimmer. To be neutral, you can use pink shimmers covering all skin types and tones. 

You can undoubtedly use shimmery pressed powders or luminous liquids to get the desired glow on your face, but nothing beats a loose powder, as it can give your makeup another touch. The last thing anyone you meet will say is that your skin looks dull today. You can use loose highlighters every day even though it might sound intimidating at first, but you should not fear, provided you follow the perfect steps mentioned here. Furthermore, you must know that you can quickly learn how to use loose highlighter shimmer powders.

Why Choose Lenphor Shimmer Powder For The Face?

If you are looking for the best shimmer powder for your face, you should choose Lenphor. The loose powder creates a natural glow on your face. In addition, the lightweight formula of this loose powder easily blends on your skin and allows you to build up a product depending on the luminosity level.

Tips For Using A Shimmer Powder Highlighter:

  • Firstly, you need to use a radiant base. If you are wearing the highlighter powder, you must have a primer base. Once you apply the bass well, you can get going with the next stage.
  • Loose powders generally are pretty messy, and that's the reason. You can find sparkles on your floor if you end up even spilling a little bit of powder. That's why you should be very careful while using a highlighting powder and ensure that the lid is secured tightly. Then, you should shake it upside down for a minute and tap it on the vanity or the table.
  • Use the highlighter, available in the lid, instead of just dipping it right in the jar containing a lot of powder. It means when you use the powder on the lead, you will be at less risk of using too much product. Instead, you need to swirl a little powder on your makeup brush and tap off the extra edge. If you want a better-blended powder, you can use the fan brush.
  • Once you are done with this, it's time for you to highlight your high points. You can use the brush to dust some highlighting powder on your cheekbones and the tip of your nose hole. You can use a small brush or smaller areas like the inner corners of your eyes; besides your face, you can also highlight your body, like the skin below your neck. You can use a fluffy makeup brush to highlight your collarbones and shoulders.


Once you use the loose powder, you can set it with a setting spray. You need to ensure that you don't let your looks slip away throughout the day. This setting spray will ensure that your makeup stays in place.

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