When getting ready for a big event, one of every woman's essential tasks is to ensure that the makeup is on-point. Keeping the makeup intact is another story. Different makeup accessories help you look perfect at the end. One such is the makeup fixer spray; you can have makeup that lasts long. There is plenty of makeup fixer sprays available today like the makeup fixer sprays for oily and dry skin. Choosing the right spray for use and keeping the makeup intact for hours is vital.

What is Fixer Spray? 

A makeup setting spray or fixer spray is used after makeup is done to make the makeup last for years. It is sprayed on the face if you are going to an event, and it does not allow the makeup to slide, melt, or move from the place and won’t fade away.

The setting spray is of different types. Some settings sprays are water-based, keeping the skin hydrated and preventing flakiness. For people who have dry skin, sprays with hyaluronic acid are the best choice. Some people like matte makeup, and some like dewy; it entirely depends on their preference and skin type. To achieve these looks, you can get the spray accordingly. The setting spray could be the right option if you have oily skin or your makeup fades by the end of the day. Furthermore, setting spray is applied last in your makeup regimen, and the best part is it doesn't contact your skin for long, making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin.

How to Use Makeup Fixer Spray?

· The first thing you should do is wash your face with cold water. By washing your face, you can eliminate all the dirt and impurities that get stuck to your face due to exposure to pollution.

· The next step is to apply a lightweight moisturizer to keep your face hydrated and nourished.

· Use a primer after you have moisturized your skin. Choose a moisturizer and a primer according to your skin type and makeup preference.

· Professional makeup artists always prefer to color correct, which helps hide the blemishes and end skin pigmentation.

·  After color correction, blend the foundation well to avoid lines. Now it is time for some eyelashes. Some people prefer fake lashes, whereas some choose to get voluminous eyelashes using mascara.

· Choose your favorite lip color to complete the overall look. Make sure the lip color you use matches your skin tone.

· Finally, after the overall makeup is done, it is time to use the makeup fixer spray. Spray all across your face and leave it for 15 minutes so that it dries well. After 15 minutes, you can go to the event, and the makeup will stay intact even after hours.


Following these steps, you can ensure your makeup remains intake for long hours. However, if you want to remove or clean your face, the best to use is a bi-phase makeup remover that can help clean your face without any makeup marks.

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