Since bold lipstick colors easily bleed, feather, or smudge, wearing one presents its own difficulties. A creamy lipstick will likely slide all over when you get there because wearing a mask will make your upper lip sweat more than you'd like. However, donning a protective face mask makes that problem even more difficult because it doesn't look good to rub and smear all over the clothing.

Lipstick application is a crucial cosmetic routine and is the most challenging one. Some shades stay for long hours, but a few fade away within a few hours. We present some points to consider if you are looking for the best smudge proof lipstick.

  • Skin Tone and Undertone

Choosing a smudge-proof lipstick that complements your natural skin tone is critical. All skin types can benefit from corals and nudes, but you should avoid wearing colors that are too dark for you. Consider your undertone, whether chilly, neutral, or warm, and choose a color that complements it.

  • Lips' natural color

The top smudge-proof lipstick should be one or two shades darker than your actual lip color. You've found your ideal shade if the color is one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. Apply lipstick on one lip to test it out.

  • Check the formula

When looking for a smudge-proof lipstick, do check the formula it has. Moreover, it depends on your unique preferences. Long-wearing lipsticks often come in liquid form. However, plenty of conventional tubes and lip stains can also give your pout color that will stay all day.

  • A hydrating, creamy texture

A creamy, moisturizing texture is ideal regardless of the formula you select—this is true even for smudge-proof lipstick. Choose a lipstick loaded with moisturizing oils and vitamins that moves with the lips, even as it dries down, to avoid cracking and chapping, as long-wear lipsticks are notoriously drying.

Superior Pigment Return

Beauty experts suggest that it is best to choose pigment-rich products that give intense color if you want your lipstick to last. As sheerer colors fade far more quickly, this will extend the time your pout remains painted.

Wearing Smudge Proof Lipstick

If you are looking for the right way to wear smudge-proof lipstick, below are two essential ways.

  • Blotting and Setting Up Your Lips

Like your face makeup, the proper approach to applying lipstick is to prime, apply, and set. After applying your smudge-proof lipstick, remove any extra by blotting it with a small sheet or single-ply of tissue paper. Excess oils on your lips vanish, extending the product's staying power. To improve the color payoff, apply a second coat of liquid lipstick and blot once more. Then, lightly dab a little coating of a milled translucent setting powder onto your lips to set your lipstick in place.

  • Choosing the Right Matte Lipstick

Liquid matte lipsticks, as opposed to soft, creamy bullet lipsticks, last longer on the lips. Choose a long-wearing matte lipstick if you know you'll be out all day and might not have time to reapply your lip color. 


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