You want your makeup, especially eyelashes, to remain intact whether you're swimming, hiking, or sipping sangria on your terrace this summer. Smudge-proof mascara appears to be the only way to avoid raccoon eyes — and it is excellent if you're going swimming for long hours.

Smudge-proof mascara is developed to reduce the amount of transfer from your lashes to your eyelids, similar to waterproof mascara. Unlike waterproof mascara, which requires an oil-based cleanser, you can easily remove it with only a little warm water. Some brands offer smudge-proof, waterproof mascara, like the Lenphor in-product kits. But before you buy any, it is vital to have some knowledge about it and things to consider.

We have mentioned below the top ways to choose waterproof mascara:

· Check if it can dry the lashes out:

Waterproof mascara is made up of waxes and silicones, making it more resistant to water, sweat, and tears. When you compare two tubes of mascara—one ordinary and one waterproof—you'll discover that the latter has a few more components that can harm your lashes, such as isododecane and Cyclopentasiloxane.

The components used to make the solution waterproof have the potential to dry out lashes, causing them to fall out. Consider it a long-lasting lipstick. It may last an eternity, but it leaves lips cracked and parched. It's the same with waterproof mascara. So go for smudge-proof mascara that doesn't carry ingredients to dry out your lashes.

· Method of Removing the Waterproof Mascara

Since waterproof mascara is meant to last, removing it in the wrong way can harm your lashes more than conventional mascara. It takes several steps and a lot of rubbing to remove waterproof solutions. You can go for the eye makeup removal product or even for the flake-free mascara that can help remove the waterproof mascara in a better way.

· Always go to bed without waterproof mascara

The waterproof mascara is more difficult to remove; women usually neglect to do so at the end of the night. If your lashes don't come out completely, they can break after a point. Your stiff mascara-coated hairs can bend and shatter as you toss and turn at night.

Buying the Right Water Proof Mascara

Women prefer waterproof mascara, especially during the summer season when their makeup goes dry. It's also suitable for ladies who have naturally watery eyes, oily complexions or want to keep their lashes in place, such as straight ones that need to be curled, because the ingredients involved will help them stay for a long time. When you choose waterproof mascara, check the ingredients used and if it has any side effects. Many brands use skin and eye-friendly ingredients to avoid any side effects.

Do some research work online or check with your makeup experts to get guidance on buying the right product for your long-lasting eyelashes. It is always advised to use branded smudge-proof, waterproof mascara with no side effects and matches up with your makeup.

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