For every woman out there, getting their nails done and having beautiful nails is one of their passions as they look forward to the same. Good quality nails speak volumes about the whole dress of women as they also add to the overall look.

But when you learn that your nail polish has started chipping within a few days of a manicure, it's one of the most frustrating things to experience. So you don't need to stress, as some long-lasting nail polish tips will allow you to enjoy your perfectly polished nails for a long time.

Why Do The Nails Not Last Long?

It's hard to know why the nail polish lasts so long because you don’t see what's causing the chip. Experts say that there are different reasons why nail polish does not last long, and one of the most common ones is the type of polish that you use. A regular polish might chip if it is placed too thick. Even if you use the best nail paints in India, you need to be very careful about how you apply them.

Tips to get a long-lasting nail polish effect for beautiful nails

Cut And File Your Nails Properly

It is vital to cut and file the nails and ensure that the edges are not uneven. Keeping them short can also be great as it helps keep the nail polish long. The longer the length of your nails, the more likely they are to break in, primarily if you work a lot in your house, like laundry or dishes.

Cleanse Your Nails Well

Besides buffing and filing the nails, you must regularly clean up the cuticles and the nail bed. It helps ensure that there is not a single drop of oil residing on the nails present. If there is some amount of oil on the cuticle, it will hinder nail growth and interact with the polish as it will not stick on the nails for a long time.

Before Applying the Polish Dry Your Nails

Please wash your hands with soap and water after all the preparation work and dry them thoroughly before you start applying Polish. Nails generally shrink and expand in water.

Prepare The Cuticles

It would be best to prepare your cuticles before you apply the Polish. Generally, the experts will prepare your cuticles using some sticks when you visit a salon.

Apply Thin Coats Of Polish

You need to apply several coats of Polish, generally 3, to prevent Polish from wearing off. Ensure that you choose the best nail Polish. If you love gel polish, you need to apply each coat thinly to correctly cure the nails in the light.

Add Some Dry Drops

You don't wish to spend half an hour drying your nails, so you should always use some dry drops like oil that give your nails a beautiful shine. You need to squeeze a drop or two on your nails, and you are good to go.

Follow Hydrating Aftercare

It would be best to take extra care to apply cuticle oil or hand cream to make the nail polish last longer. It makes chipping relatively easy when your skin and nails are pretty dry. While performing household chores, you should wear gloves. Whenever you are washing dishes or doing gardening activities, you need to take extra care.

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