Winter has arrived. And so have the worries of dry, flaky skin. It's no secret that harsh winter weather can damage your skin, caused by its bitterly cold temperatures and dry air that depletes its natural moisture. Your skin, especially the face, ends up looking like a salted peanut. Now, who wants that, eh? Unless, of course, you subscribe to a regular DIY skincare routine and save yourself the embarrassment of ‘being a nut’. 

All it takes is a few modifications in your modus operandi to keep your face soft and supple. Below pointers should help you to understand how you can move dry face skin to healthy glowing skin. Our two cents to keep your face moisturized in winter.

Keep hot showers short

As soothing as it sounds, hot showers in winters actually tend to dry out your skin. Excess hot water causes evaporation of your skin’s natural hydration as per experts. But by no way, we meant you should skip them. Neither are we implying that you develop superhuman tendencies to go under cold showers when it’s already chilling out there. If you must take hot showers, just try to keep it short.

Buy thicker moisturizer

Moisturizers play a key role in maintaining the health of your skin during winters. Get your hands on a cream-based moisturizer rather than your usual lotion. Thicker moisturizers have the properties to sturdily retain the protective ingredients underneath the skin’s surface.

Moisturize more than once

Good skincare is always an ongoing process. It takes discipline just like any other goal worth achieving. Apply moisturizer when you wake up and also when to hit the bed. It will work all night while you sleep, to give you soft supple skin in the morning.

Use a gentle face wash

Don’t wash your face very often. Avoid foaming gels as they leave the skin parched. Go for cleansers that are less likely to contain harsh substances which tend to dehydrate the skin. To keep the moisture alive, go for cleansing oil or bath oil products.

Exfoliate delicately

Go easy with the exfoliation process. The last thing you need in winter is a roughly scrubbed skin surface that looks chapped. Even consider replacing your loofah or cleansing sponge with gentle face peel products. Harsh friction not only damages the face surface but the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Also, do not rub your face skin in a hard way when it itches. Instead, just dab a hydrating ointment or balm on it to avoid any harm or redness.  

Humidify your home

Closing doors and windows of your home may deter the cool breezes, but the air inside stays trapped and dry. Humidifiers help to add back moisture into the air, which is nourishing to the skin.

Balance liquid intake

Skin cell regeneration is directly linked to sufficient hydration. It is a known fact. However, it is also important to note that gulping down gallons of water won’t do much good unless the body is dehydrated. Aim for a balanced intake of water or juices (without sugar).

We hope the above tips serve as a guiding light for you to get rid of cracked, parched, and chapped face skin and attain a soft, hydrated, and nourished look. Stay cool. Stay hydrated!

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