Daring Red is a dark red avatar of red velvet lipstick, an embodiment of the ‘bold n beautiful.     

Molten Red is a shade, that spells ‘HOT’! You can count on this red velvet matte lipstick to flaunt the classic red pout, again and again… and again.

Red Lust is a must for the seductress in you. Remember, the world bows either to the bravest or the most beautiful, not the timid ones.

Lava Red! The day you wear this mother of reds, you will raise mercury levels wherever you step.

Purple Orchid is for those days when you feel like pampering yourself. Elegant purple with a rosy pink tone incites calm and confidence in you.

Purple Luxe has a dark-reddish purple overtone which is nothing short of royalty.

Purple Stunner is the classic burgundy reborn. Only with a contemporary twist to match the modern-day definition of swag.

Purple Mystery conjures the enchantress spirit with its purple + burgundy concoction.

Foxy Peach is crafted to pamper your naughty shade desire.

Peachy Delight is created by blending two of the most revered shades in the lipstick world, pink and peach. Addiction guaranteed.

Sunset Pink is an invigorating velvet pink lipstick, which renders a decent pink appeal to your lips with sophistication nonetheless.

Glamorous Pink puts all your lip shade worries to rest. A universal shade that accentuates almost any outfit you choose.

Striking features, irresistible charm, and competitively priced than most velvet lipstick price tags. Lenphor Liquid Velvestick Lipstick entire collection is available at all popular online stores and select outlets.

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