Every woman wants to have beautiful-looking eyes with perfect eyelids. Our inner lives are reflected in our eyes. Kajal was regarded as a beauty symbol in antiquity. Additionally, it is perfect for the eyes. However, there are now numerous eye cosmetics on the market, including kajal, sketch pen eyeliner, eye pencils, kohl kajal pencils, and many others.

However, why is black the only color when it comes to beauty? There are many other hues to choose from, like bronze, blue, eyeliner, brown, red, and many more. Do you know the actual differences between kajal and eyeliner?

What is a kajal?

"Kajal," which means "black," is a type of eye makeup applied to the top or bottom lash line. It helps you see the complete eyelashes and provides you with a perfect, sharper view of the eyelids. These days, kajal comes in a wide variety of colors and formulations. Many women today like White Kohl Kajal to look chic and contemporary.

Natural ingredients like tree juice, mineral liquids from plants like the Manjal karsilanganni or Monasha plant, sandalwood, castor oil, ghee, ground stibnite, etc. are frequently used to make kajal. It also has a creamy, watery texture that makes it easier to apply to the top and lower eyelids. People have used it to protect their eyes from diseases and harmful UV rays since ancient times, and it also gives your eyes a peaceful sense.

What is eyeliner?

There are various forms of eyeliner, one of the essential parts of makeup. Its primary function is to define your eye line outside the upper and lower eyelids. Eyeliner is significant since it can draw attention to your eyes by way of your eyelids. To define the borders of the eyes, eyeliner is utilized, to put it another way.

Eyeliner may help you define and draw attention to your eyes in various ways, including the traditional shape, the winged shape, the smokey eye, the closed eye, etc. By selecting your preferred style, you can use eyeliner to produce a variety of looks. You will find different types of eyeliners presented by makeup brands, and one such is the sketch pen eyeliner by Lenphor, which you can carry along for a long time.


Kajal and eyeliner are used differently, which is why they are distinguished. While eyeliner is used as an eyelid makeup by applying it over both the upper and lower eyelids, kajal is utilized as a waterline eye makeup on both the upper and lower eyelids.


Another distinction between kajal and eyeliner is the color palette. Currently, eyeliners come in various colors, with black being the standard hue, whereas kajal is often black with a few other primary colors. Along with glitter eyeliners, additional colors complement different eye shadow colors.


Eyeliner and kajal have specific uses and a crucial function to play. Both the upper and lower eyelid waterlines can be covered with kajal. Although both play an essential role in makeup, finding the right product and brand is best. 

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