You've probably heard of BB cream and CC cream, no matter how involved you are in the cosmetic world. Although they are both fantastic choices for days when you want to wear little makeup, the two creams have differences in some areas. By being aware of the differences between these products, you can choose the best face cream for your skin care needs. The components in BB and CC creams serve many skincare purposes and are typically suitable for both skincare and cosmetics. Both carry similar primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, and mattifier functions. But there is a significant distinction between BB and CC cream. Each has its own function, from the BB Cream SPF 15 feature by Lenphor to the long-lasting effect of CC cream. This article presents you with the difference between the two.

What is BB Cream?

BB cream, which stands for "beauty balm" or "blemish balm," is a skin-first product because it is designed to nourish, enlighten, and protect the skin. BB cream is essentially a cosmetics and skin care all-in-one product. It provides sheerer coverage compared to the foundation, making it ideal for everyday use and the "no makeup" aesthetic.

What is CC Cream?

CC Cream, which stands for Color Correcting, helps to reduce the appearance of flaws in our skin. If you feel too many corrections are needed for a final touch-up, then CC cream works perfectly. In addition, you can meet color-correcting, coverage, and foundation needs with a single product rather than utilizing multiple products.

Uses of BB Cream

  • A complete One-stop Solution

BB creams are multi-functional because they contain a ton of skincare-related components. They can also function as a moisturizer or serve as a foundation, giving your skin a natural sheen. In addition, the BB Cream SPF15 helps keep your skin free from UV ray damage.

  • Absence of makeup

Using BB cream is ideal for getting the no-makeup look. It makes skin look smooth and vibrant without looking cakey while covering imperfections. You can either use a foundation stick or cream for this.

  • Skin Oil Control

BB Cream acts as a primer to get the thicker foundation. You can use it as it is; it entirely depends on the formula used. It has the power to regulate shine and make your skin suitable for those with oily skin.

Uses of CC Cream

  • Conceal the Redness

A decent CC cream's thick texture makes it possible to treat and hide skin redness. In addition, the soothing components in it frequently reduce the redness while also hiding it.

  • Helps to Cover the Hyperpigmentation

The CC cream is helpful if the pigmentation rate on your face is relatively high, which the BB cream cannot cover. It can lighten dark patches on the face without making the skin appear overly thick.

  • Better works as a primer

Use a CC cream as a primer before putting it on your foundation. The formulation provides a flawless color-corrected base in addition to priming the skin, making your foundation look incredibly smooth.

Which is better?

Although they both produce comparable outcomes, it largely depends on your skin type. The distinction between BB cream and CC cream is that BB cream has moisturizing characteristics, making it a better choice for dry skin than a CC cream. On the other hand, CC cream includes bacteria-killing qualities; it is a better choice if you have oily, acne-prone skin.

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