BB Cream is as much desired by makeup lovers, as flawless skin for good makeup. The transformation that this humble makeup essential can bring to your look is simply surreal. It is merely a matter of choosing the correct BB cream (suitable for your skin tone, even budget at times) to put most of your makeup worries to rest. To make this task easier for you, we introduce our latest creation – Lenphor BB Cream for Oily & Dry Skin with SPF 15+!

An incredible multitasker (moisturizer, primer, sunscreen) cream, customized for the Indian skin tone. Its creamy light texture gets easily absorbed by the skin to give you a lovely matte finish. Upon application, the product does not clog pores while displaying its power of sheer coverage. And then, something magical happens. Your face slowly begins to cast a stunning glow! You witness a blemish-free matte finish, which is ready with natural-looking radiance, refreshing fragrance, and ultra-soft texture. Things enhance further when its polymeric film formers get to their work and ensure a water-resistant, long-wearing effect.

Not just that. There’s more to this beauty in the form of enriching properties. It is blessed with Vitamin E which boosts your skin health. Moisturizing agents present in the cream hydrate the skin without any stickiness. Infused with SPF15+ formula, it is your reliable skin partner for UV-protected, uneven skin tone. One of the key ingredients in the product, ‘Tea Tree Oil’ provides a pleasant herbal scent along with anti-bacterial, and anti-irritant benefits. All in all, Lenphor’s BB cream is an incredible, pocket-friendly, Indian product, packed with all ingredients of ‘admiration’.


  • After thoroughly cleansing the face, apply dots of BB cream on your nose, chin, cheeks, eyes, forehead, and neck.
  • Pat the cream on the skin using fingers or a foundation brush.
  • If you are not into patting technique, blend the cream using gentle outward strokes with your fingertips.
  • Dab an extra thin layer on areas that need additional coverage.
  • Begin your day with the confidence of flawless skin.


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