Beauty, Makeup, and Freebies have a long history together. And we would like to keep it that way. Lenphor products have been winning hearts all along since they hit the shelves. Now, it was time for our patrons or to express in digital terms, our ‘followers’ to win something. So, we rolled out three back to back contests on our social platforms to conclude the not-so-memorable 2020 with a bunch of goodies and cheers!!

Contest # 1


Create amazing boomerang applying or holding our product. The best boomerang or the most creative boomerang will win get exciting prizes!

Winner – Richa Deb

Contest # 2


Tag your favorite beauty influencers in the comment box or any makeup artist which you admire the most. Entries with maximum tags in the comment will get an exciting gift!

Winner – Ananya Mitra

Contest # 3


Name all Lenphor products hidden in the image and win an exciting gift. The first person to comment all product names will be the winner. Hint: There are 11 products in the picture.

Winner – Anwyeshya Dey

Once again, we congratulate all winners! We are grateful to all the participants and followers for their interest. More contests, offers and innovations lined up by our team for this year. Just stay tuned. As for 2021, Lenphor resolves to turn your every day into a beautiful experience!

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