Lipsticks add an extra oomph to the overall look. Your lips look fuller, and plumper, and make your smile attractive. Lenphor’s LASCHE IT liquid lipstick is your beauty tool to unleash irresistible selfies. Flaunt that perfect pout as the product’s intense color payoff and sculpting foam tip applicator together gives you dramatic matte lips. Extremely lightweight and long-wearing formula empowers you to go fabulous without fade for up to 7 hours. On the price quotient, Lasche is plausibly the best liquid lipstick when compared with the liquid lipstick price of other brands in the segment. Available in a collection of six exotic shades, you’ll love each one of them. These curated shades are a perfect match for the Indian skin tone. So, let’s get acquainted with each member of this fantastic liquid lipstick set –

Vermilion Wine: Vermilion Wine derives the depth of starlet hue and the sophistication of wine, to give you a dark allure that’s impossible to ignore.

Austere Rust: Austere Rust originates from terra cotta hues, consummated with the right amount of browns and reds. Your lips will simply look plump and sweet.  

Carmine Red: More like ‘showstopper’ red, this red liquid lipstick is a reflection of carmine roses shade, worn to be bold or nothing.

Tyrian Plum: This one is the lead shade of the Tyrian Purple family and is not to be missed.  A sure-shot way to make an impression without doing much.

Dahlia Nude: Time to wear the Dahlia…on your lips, with Dahlia nude liquid lipstick. Sport the velvety purple-pink blend of this immortal beauty and we promise you nirvana is just one swipe away. 

Pink Dust: Can one ever get enough of the mesmerizing pink? If you think you have, you definitely have not tried this one. Classic pink nostalgia.

All the Lasche It liquid lipstick shades are paraben-free products, 100% vegan, and devoid of any paraffin presence. Intrigued? Click here to buy now.

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