Selecting the right nail polish colour may seem quite simple but there’s a lot to consider in the process. Does it go with your favourite outfit? Does it look good on your skin tone? Does it look like too much or too little? And so on and so forth! Finally, it all comes down to your personal preference and style.

There is a wide array of nail colour nail polish options to choose from in the Indian cosmetics market. There are the matte ones, the glossy ones, the glittery ones, the rich creamy ones. etc. How is one expected to make the right choice and stay sane at the same time? But what if you could get all the lovely colours and textures of nail paints in one place? No, we are not kidding! The house of Lenphor is your one-stop-shop for all your nail paint needs!

Here is a guide by Lenphor to the top-selling nail paints colours:

  1. Pretty Pink: The pink shade amongst the nail polish colours is as old as time and yet, it is still quite the trend. The eternal favourite pink shade is the perfect choice for every season. Here are some excellent pink nail paint shade options by Lenphor to choose from:
  • Pink Aura in the matte finish nail tints range is a must-have for a long-lasting classic matte finish.
  • Pink Metal and Mildly Pink from the chrome nail tint collection gives an enviable metallic finish to your nails.
  • Mr. Flamingo, Bubblegum Pink, Princess Pink and many more pink options in the gel finish nail tints are essential for the perfect manicure.
  • The Pink Lust shade in the Glittery nail paints category is the star of every occasion.

2. Ravishing red: Be it a traditional or a modern get-together, the red nail paint colour is the most likely choice of every woman. There’s nothing chicer than a classic red manicure. Some tantalizing red nail polish colours by Lenphor are listed below:

  • Celestial rose in the Chrome finish nail tints variety embellishes your finger and toenails with a unique ultra-shine chrome finish.
  • Rusty Ruby, Blood Stain and Sunset Bomb in the Gel finish nail tints range adorn your toes and fingers like a dream.

3. Breathtaking Brown: Talk about the most versatile nail paint colour and you just can’t overlook the brown shade! Brown is warm, brown is fashion, brown is classic! Lenphor has some spectacular brown nail paint options for you to consider:

  • Miss Coco and Moonshine in the Chrome finish nail tints category are the best options for an average party outfit.
  • Doppio and Americano are two stunning colours in the gel finish nail tints range that also serve as protective coats for your nails and toes.

4. Glorious Grey: Grey is the best nail paint colour for the ultimate level of sophistication. Whether you are attending an office meeting or out shopping with your friends, this shade is the ideal choice.

5. Blissful Beige: This shade is the nude lipstick in the nail paints category. It never fails to make a dazzling impression and gives your nails a clean look as well. The Glitter up shade in the Glittery nail paints collection by Lenphor adds a lovely subtle beige shine to your nails.

6. Playful Pastels: Pastels are quite the rage these days. A pastel shade on the nails and toes is quite the fashion statement. Lenphor has some exciting nail paint options in the gel finish nail tints range like Pastel Pista, Solid Dreams, Finish Lime, Moonlight, Only Yours, Pastel Mauve and many more. Apply thin coats of your favourite pastel shade and unleash the real magic of lacquer on your nails!

7. Transparent Treasure: Be it a light colour nail polish or a dark one, any shade can be instantly transformed into a glorious matte finish with Lenphor’s top matte transparent coat nail paint. Apply a few coats of this nail paint on your nails and they will instantly get a lovely finish with a subtle glaze. Every woman should have this nail polish in their makeup kit!

8. Graceful Green: Pulling off green nails is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are successful in doing it, you are quite the diva! Lenphor has fabulous options in green nail paints shade like La Nature, Pine Love in the gel finish nail tints variety and Oliveoto in the matte collection.

With the help of this guide, we hope you find the best nail paint colour out there. Try the different nail paint shades by Lenphor and stay colourful and trendy throughout the season!

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