In the words of poet Atticus, “We will be lost and found a thousand times along this cobbled road of us.” Makeup trends have a history of appearing, disappearing and reappearing to balance the evolutionary aesthetics of humans. Once a trend strikes, everyone jumps on the bandwagon. When it runs its course, it vanishes into thin air only to strike back when the time is right.

The cosmetic world oscillates between prediction and anticipation of ‘what’s new’. There is unceasing obsession of staying up-to-date with makeup trends and being the first to hear fashion forecasts. If you are a member to such fraternity, or just interested in latest makeup trends for any reason, we’ve brought you a summary of makeup trends that are doing exceptionally well and those to which we bid farewell in 2020.

Adios Aggressive Glitter. Hello Subtle Glow!

Feeling bitter for glitter? Well, the whole idea of wearing makeup is to turn you into a barbie doll and not a disco ball. Glitter producing agents had their moments. Now, they are taken over by subtle, healthy glow. Of course, you could choose from those illuminating primers, foundations and so on for overall radiance. But the aura of a luminous glow garnered over regular skincare regimen is peerless.

Swipe left – Instagram Brows. Swipe Right – Natural Brows.

Instagram brow aka fade brow is on its way out. Enter: fuller natural brows combed to perfection. They require fewer items than the Instagram variant which warranted more products, time and efforts. Grooming natural brows is easy. A neat set could be achieved by merely a brow gel and everyday makeup tools. Moreover, in the swipe-to-anything era it makes more sense to let go of excessive indulgence and embrace your true self.

Over drawn matte lips are out. Make way for glossy, juicy stained pout.

Matte definitely was the most popular ‘lip-mate’ for long. And what a mate it was. But as global makeup gurus reveal, glossy lips have bounced back big time. The trend is to have hydrated lips that are not overdrawn. Instead of dragging your lip line far off the coast, dab some gloss at the center of your lips and line them with a concealer for a juicier look. Exfoliation with a lip scrub is also a good way of boosting circulation for a fuller appearance.

Faux freckles are passe. Say cheers to rosy pink cheeks!  

Faux freckles were one of those makeup trends which were popular mostly for reasons ‘still unknown’. Ok the natural ones looked cute. But faking them freckles made some resemble a spotted hyena. Talk about makeup gone wrong, eh? For now, faux freckles have gone. Prep for the pink blush trend instead. Accentuating the cheeks, under eyes, with generous touch-ups of pink will add both color and mood to your face.

Heavy foundation’s gone. Dewy skin is in.

About time you relinquished the heavy foundation fixation. As tempting as it may be on account of its full coverage attribute, it certainly brings along dryness, thickness and visibly odd complexion. Fashionistas and makeup artists around the world are rooting more for the light, dewy skin look. Observing latest trends, the barely-there coverage look is catching up faster than you can say “Foundation’s gone!”

‘No makeup look’ is no more. Pop some bold colors to stay in vogue.

The ‘no makeup look’ is perhaps a classic. Women pursue it all the time to avert hours of contouring, sculpting and fiddling with innovative makeup tools. This year however, heralded a reign of bold colors and hues marching right through the gates of makeup kingdom to claim their supremacy. The best thing to do is just give in to this vibrant fervor of pastels, neon, bold hues, etc., thereby stirring some color into your makeup routine.

Trends will appear and fade away in the annals of time. If it is wise to change with time, it is prudent to be yourself. By no means are we suggesting giving up on your favorite makeup just because it is out of the league. After all, the best makeup is nothing but a genuine expression of you!

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