There must be at least one instance in your life when the compact powder saved the day for you. Perhaps more than one. Whether it was a quick touch-up, on-the-go makeup or you simply forgot to pick up the foundation. This versatile solution always comes in handy for a lighter, radiant, even-toned skin. The difficult bit? Choosing the Flawless Matte Compact Powder With SPF 25 for your skin type. It might take some freehanded R&D to find the perfect match. But then, all good things to those who hustle.

When hunting for ‘the one’ you will be baffled by the available choices, each offering something better than the other. Solutions for dry skin or oily skin, limited shine or full coverage, budget or premium, just enticing enough to cost you hours of contemplation (exclusive of product cost). To save yourself from this financial and mental drain, consider the below factors (as per your skin type) before deciding on the perfect compact ‘partner’.

For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, go for matte finish compact powder because of its oil secretion properties. A few extra bucks for waterproof compact powder will also have its returns. The best thing to do is apply a primer before makeup. It helps control oil and mattifies your skin already. Steer clear of powders with too much shine or radiance as they will add to the oily look.

For Dry Skin

A cream-based compact or translucent powder is ideal. Make sure to apply a moisturizer before the compact. Let it soak in the skin by gently messaging it. Then comes the compact powder, so your skin not only looks smooth but stays hydrated (important for dry skin). Stay away from matte finish compact as it will further dry your skin.

For Sensitive Skin

You have to be careful when deciding on your compact powder if you have sensitive skin. Go for mineral-based powder as they are devoid of excessive oils, fragrance, preservatives, etc. It is recommended that you choose a skin-friendly compact for sensitive skin.

Also consider cleaning your tools regularly, buy good quality brushes and carry a blotting paper to keep the look fresh and neat. Always deposit the powder first and then using a brush/sponge blend it, rather than dabbing and leaving it. Hope this helps you in your quest for the best…Happy Hunting!

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