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There is rarely any breathing soul that does not desire to look beautiful. Some settle for being presentable while some aim for downright seductive. Whether you prefer a minimalistic approach or wish to transform into a diva, the right kind of makeup makes all the difference. This prompts women to assemble a makeup kit that pampers their beauty objectives and instills confidence too. So what constitutes an ideal makeup kit? Here’s a quick list of those cosmetic must-haves to build your most prized possession!

Lenphor Hydrating Primers

Moisturizer and Primer

Begin your makeup routine by applying a good-quality moisturizer. Pair it with a light layer of hydrating primer (Lenphor Aqualicious Hydrating Primer for Dry Skin) to balance the skin tone and build the base for long-lasting makeup.

Concealer and Foundation

Lenphor Gleaminator
Lenphor Cosmetics and Products

Bring on the concealer next to blur out any skin imperfections with ease. Another benefit of applying concealer is you will need less foundation (time to buy that luxury foundation). And with Lenphor’s (product name) Liquid Foundation for Dry & Oily Skin, it gets better, as the product blends with any skin type to give excellent coverage and natural-looking flawless complexion.

Lenphor Blush

Blush and Highlighter

Blush adorns your cheeks with a dash of color. Lenphor’s Cheekylicious Blush, available in four fantastic shades does it just perfectly. Highlighter (like Lenphor’s Gleaminator) enhances your complexion by brightening the skin’s appearance and adding a subtle glow.

Lenphor Eyebrows

Eyebrow Gel and Spoolie Brush

Eyebrow gel is essential to keep their brows in place. A spoolie brush assigns the desired arch and decorum to your eyebrows. A must-have pair in your makeup bag.

Lenphor Eyeliner and Mascara

Eyeliner and Mascara

Attractive eyes are the centerpiece of envious makeup. What other way to enhance their appearance than a combo treat of eyeliner + mascara. Mascara adds length and volume to your lashes. Choose a complementing eyeliner (pen, pencil or liquid form) and finish it with mascara to create sharp, mesmerizing eyes. Check out Lenphor’s Black Sketch Pen Sketch-It eyeliner and Timeless eyeliner in pen and pencil form respectively.

Lenphor Cosmetics and Products

Eyeshadow Palette

Palette is the playful side of eye makeup. With its scintillating vivid shades, you can have fun pairing it with any outfit or accessories.

Nude and Red Lipstick

Lenphor Cosmetics and Products
Lenphor Cosmetics and Products

There is an overwhelming range of shades and types of lipsticks. While you will be tempted to buy each shade imaginable, it is recommended to have a nude shade and red lipstick handy. (Check out Lenphor’s Treasure Matte and Velvestick lipstick range to choose your red and nude shade)

Lenphor Cosmetics and Products

Brushes and Tools

Makeup is an art. If you consider yourself an artist, then you will need the right tools and brushes to achieve the best results. You will be surprised by the precise results of a decent quality brush over a sub-standard variant.

Wipes and Q-Tips

Lenphor Cosmetics and Products
Lenphor Cosmetics and Products

Q-Tip acts as the eraser for minor makeup corrections. Wipes (Wet/Dry) is a useful on-the-go alternative to removing makeup. These are tiny yet effective add-ons to your makeup kit.

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