Oily and dry skin are common problems people face. Too much exposure to sun rays, pollution, and other reasons dulls our skin. You will find many beauty items available in the market,  and the foundation is the part of it that will help you to overcome this problem. Foundation is considered the most beautiful application product to help keep natural skin tone alive. However, using the liquid foundation for dry skin rightly is the best way to get the perfect result. Pick up the right shade and forms that can suit your skin. You can do some online research to help you choose the right one.

Foundations are available in different finishes, including- sticks, matte, dewy, and others available in the market. Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid & SPF from Lenphor is one such product. The formulation's Hyaluronic acid offers active hydration and filling action for a long-term anti-aging benefit. It features ultra-spherical powders giving your skin an even appearance and a sensual touch.

Then there is Creamalish Foundation from Lenphor, giving your skin a smooth and sensory touch. It carries a mixture of spherical powders that can give a shiny touch to your skin. Further, it helps enrich and nourish hyaluronic acid, providing a deep moisturizing experience.

Let us now check on how you apply liquid foundation to treat oily & dry skin:

Using the Right Cleanser to Wash Face

Use cleaners that can help in removing excess oil and dirt. Keep washing and scrubbing your face while applying a cleanser. Once done, dry your face with a clean towel.

Applying Moisturizer

Once you are done, apply moisturizer. If you are stepping out of your home, you must apply sunscreen. You can check out Lenphor's moisturizers that can help hydrate the skin and make it glow for hours.

Using of Primer

Primer helps in blurring pores and creating a smooth canvas on your foundation. To get the best result, apply the primer on your forehead, around your mouth, and all those areas of your face to make it look hazy. Add another interesting touch to your skin by applying two primer pumps.

Now Apply to the Foundation

Liquid foundation for oily skin with Hyaluronic Acid & SPF from Lenphor is the best you can apply. Keep dotting your face skin and focus on areas including the chin, mouth, and pigmented areas that need urgent attention.

Applying Foundation with a Brush

It is not compulsory; you need your fingers only to apply foundation to your face; you can use a brush to get a better result and spread it over the face. You can use a buffing brush that gives medium coverage and a stippling brush for a wider range.

Setting Up your Face

The setting is also important in creating a flawless and clean base. You can use the translucent or setting powder to set up your hyaluronic acid foundation. You can use a large fluffy brush or a makeup sponge.

Swirl your brush or sponge to gather up the powder. Begin with the center of the face, move towards the corner of your eyes, and swirl over your nose and chin. Use whatever is left on your cheeks. Once done, apply the foundation to your neck and ears with some additional product. When applying foundation to your skin, ensure you wash your face nicely so there are no pores and breakouts. The ultimate aim is to use the foundation on your complexion best.


Foundation has the power to break or make your appearance. It completely depends on how you use it and what brand you use it. Before purchasing a liquid foundation, you should know your skin's color, texture, tone, and type. As you enter the market, you will notice a foundation designed specifically for oily & dry skin tones. It is better to know the foundation, brand, and other things. Before applying foundation, always perform your skincare routine.

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