If multi-purpose product is your calling, then loose face powder should definitely be your makeup staple. Loose powder use is mentioned in many ancient scriptures (maybe that went too far). The point is, its versatile, handy, and Lenphor Loose Powder price factor is not steep either.  Whether you have the best loose powder for oily skin or the best loose powder for dry skin, knowing below 10 uses of the product shall make you love it all the more.

1) Loose powder makeup

Duh… It’s matte loose powder. The first and best way to use it is as one. Give your skin an instant sheen by dusting/puffing some translucent magic on it. It smooths out the skin texture by covering pores with a natural-looking matte effect.

Lenphor Loose Powder

2) Setting your foundation

After applying the foundation, cover the skin in a gentle layer of loose compact powder. It restrains the moistness of the foundation to keep it intact for long hours. This attribute also helps prevent your makeup from running off or excessive shine in oily skin.

3) Get voluminous lashes

Before applying mascara to your lashes, dust a little loose powder over them.  Then after you have applied the first coat of mascara, dust some more. Repeat until you get the desired volume and fluffiness.

Lenphor Loose Powder

4) Matte look for lips

Loose powder can be an easy fix to turn glossy lips into lovely matte lips. To do this, apply the lipstick and place a single-layer tissue on your lips. Take some loose powder on your brush and dab it over the tissue. Take off the tissue and witness the magic yourself!

5) Dry shampoo

Bad hair days. Who doesn’t have them? Greasy, rebellious hair can sink your confidence in no time. Thankfully, loose powder comes to the rescue. Sprinkle some on the scalp to freshen up your hairdo with clean, obedient hair.

7) Make eyeliner last longer

Before applying the eyeliner, your eyelids could use some translucent powder as a base. After you are done with the eyeliner, dab another round of powder on the lids. It helps with the smudging issue when you open your eyes.

8) Blending eyeshadow

Blending eyeshadow is a skill. An error in judgment, particularly while blending dark shades can send your makeup efforts downhill. Next time, if you face such ‘hand-made calamity’, just take the magic powder on the brush and blend it over the color. Loose powder helps to tone down the intensity of the eyeshadow which enables seamless transition between colors.

9) Blush Overdose

All girls have had the ‘blush overdose’ at some point or the other. And then follows the whole makeup removal circuit to tidy things up. Instead, just dab some loose powder on the cheeks to take away the excess color. One of the best loose powder applications, we say.

10) Cleaning your brush

So you have a freshly stained brush from your blush or eyeshadow shade. But you want to use it for some additional foundation. And you need it now. Simply, swirl the brush in the loose powder to take that shade off. The stronger the shade, the lighter the powder shade should be. Gently dust off the excess and continue to ‘do your thing’.

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