For most women, lipstick is the first thing that pops up in their minds when you say makeup. Makeup without lipstick is like a world without colors! Lipsticks enhance a woman’s beauty and make for an essential tool for that luscious pout!

Indian women are mostly perplexed when it comes to choosing the right lipstick shade. It has to suit their skin tone or outfit perfectly. They spend the majority of their makeup time choosing between different lipstick shades. From mattes to high shine finish, your search for the right lipstick color ends here! Below is a list of the most trending lipstick shades in India:

  1. Red Lipstick: Well, this color has been the trend since the advent of lipsticks. You can never go wrong with a Long Lasting Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick shade, whatever may be your skin tone. Most Indian women consider wearing red lipstick a bold choice and hence, most shy away from it. Here’s another option for them – try the red shade with an orange undertone or a pink one to dilute it a bit. Here are some exciting options in red lipstick shades by Lenphor:
  • Matt Showoff Crayon Lipstick: Two stunning shades to choose from - Cupid Red and Red Cherry for daily use with an eye-catching look and super velvety feel.
  • Lasche-It Liquid Lipstick: Austere Rust and Carmine Red are two fabulous options for the perfect long-lasting pout available in this range.
  • Velvestick Lipstick: Four spectacular colors – Lava Red, Red Lust, Molten Red, and Daring Red for sensuously fuller and smoother lips!
  • Treasure Matte Lipstick: Crimson Red, Red Soil, Supernova Red, and Claret Red are the glorious options to choose from in this incredible range of Matte Lipsticks Online at the best prices in India.

2. Nude Lipstick: In today’s modern world, nude lipstick is an essential part of a woman’s makeup kit. Be it subtlety, wearability, or versatility, nude lipsticks are quite the rage! There is a shade of nude lipstick in the market for every Indian skin tone. Lenphor has some irresistible options in the nude lipstick category as well:

  • Matt Showoff Crayon Lipstick: Sunkissed Nude and Wine Nude for a sophisticated and delightful look.
  • Lasche-It Liquid Lipstick: Dahlia Nude with a lovely purple undertone for the perfect selfies.
  • Velvestick Lipstick: Urban Nude, Flattering Nude, Nude Vista, and Stark Nude for luscious lips with a buttery smooth texture.
  • Treasure Matte Lipstick: Boysen Nude and Heather Nude for splendid matte lips.

3. Orange Lipstick: Most Indian women are known to skip this shade because of the misconception that it is unsuitable for their complexion. But it is one of the best lipstick shades out there for Indian women as it blends perfectly with their warm skin tone and gives the face an instant radiance. Smashing Orange and Orange Awaken are two tempting shades in the premium treasure matte lipstick range by Lenphor that you should definitely give a try.

4. Maroon Lipstick: A single stroke of this rich color on your lips is guaranteed to make a long-lasting impression. This shade has a touch of royalty and gives you quite a sophisticated look. The unique Vermillion Wine shade in the Lasche-It Liquid range by Lenphor comes with an extremely lightweight and long-wearing formula that will make you an instant trendsetter!

5. Peach Lipstick: This adorable shade is the perfect blend of playfulness and glamour. It is a shade that will never go out of style. Pair it up with any outfit and you are sure to receive a lot of compliments. Here are some must-have peach color lipsticks by Lenphor:

  • Matt Showoff Crayon Lipstick: The Salmon Peach shade will make your lips look exotic with an enviable matte finish.
  • Velvestick Lipstick: This range has four stunning shades in peach – Foxy Peach, Peach Stunner, Peachy Delight, and Peach Darling that will glam up your lips with a silky finish.
  • Treasure Matte Lipstick: Peachy Latte and Stunner Peach are two smashing shades in this collection that will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

6. Pink Lipstick: Talking about trending lipstick shades, how can we miss the showstopper pink? Pink is a gorgeous shade that is undoubtedly evergreen.  Below are some spellbinding options by Lenphor, which are too good to miss in the pink lipstick shade:

  • Matt Showoff Crayon Lipstick: Two mind-blowing options – Playful Pink and Smashy Pink that will adorn your lips like a dream.
  • Lasche-It Liquid Lipstick: The Pink Dust shade in this range will give you the prettiest pink matte lips.
  • Velvestick Lipstick: Glamorous Pink and Sunset Pink are two superb options to choose from, for irresistibly luscious lips.
  • Treasure Matte Lipstick: The Pink Romance shade here is quite the conversation starter!

Add more colors to your life with these trending shades and flaunt those lovely lips wherever you go!

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