Staying home is safe. Staying home is vital. Staying home is bonkers!

As an ideal citizen (and a responsible human), you have contained yourself within close quarters. You have committed to self-imposed seclusion out of precaution…out of fear…out of duty…out of no choice. In any case, you are ‘quarantined’. And make no mistake, it’s a long haul.

At this juncture, you primarily have two choices – be a couch potato drowned in snacks relentlessly fiddling with gadgets or be the smart person that you are and utilize this chunk of free time for some ‘cognitive therapy’. If you are up to it, consider our quick list of self-care exercises for your own benefit –  

Family time…finally!

Maintaining a cohesive family precedes everything we do. Sadly, our daily modus operandi allows only so much time for family. Being quarantined appears to be an opportunity to step down from the hamster wheel and up our emotional bonding.

Get together with your loved ones to plan engaging indoor activities. You can begin with house cleaning, cooking, games, group reading and even replicate a school routine for your children. For those blessed with a garden, it’s time for gardening lessons. Add more fun with the occasional family dance number or short play. And yes, be very patient and supportive with everyone.

Harness blessings of meditation

We all are more than familiar with the mighty powers of meditation. For those who aren’t, you seriously need to crawl out of that rock you’ve been hiding under. From the many benefits of practicing meditation, reducing stress is a pivotal one as it translates to less anxiety, emotional health and self awareness. On the physical level, it strengthens immune system, increases energy levels, lowers blood pressure and decreases tension-related problems (headaches, insomnia, ulcers, joint pain). Imbibing 20 mins of meditation in your routine can alter the inner attitude which determines your overall well-being and happiness.

Savor hours of solitude

Believe it or not, there are science backed reasons for spending time alone, viz., enhanced productivity, creativity, mental health and peace within. Meaning those 30 mins or more, away from all, just being yourself even within the confines of your home can make it worth your while. You can pick up a book, workout, organize things, listen soothing music or just pen your daily diary. These things will help you develop a better insight into who you are as a person, your goals, progress and changes you want to make in your life.

When in respite, treat yourself right

Quarantine also brings along plenty of time to replenish you physically and mentally. Transform this ample time into pamper time by luxuriating into activities that elevate your mood. Think of that special recipe you have been yearning to learn. Stir up different concoctions of healthy drinks by intermixing different flavors, fruits, ingredients and herbs readily available in the kitchen. Plan weekly beauty regimen that augments each feature of your body, one set at a time. There is a plethora of DIY face masks available online. For ladies, now you have enough time to try different looks, eccentric makeup and beauty products.

Get hitched to a hobby

Trying times call for trying something new. A multitude of activities are available today, which we can choose and adopt as our hobby. Your hobby is not just an activity to kill time but to explore and learn new skill sets. You can also build on your existing interests in reading, writing, painting, music, singing, gardening, exercising and so on. It will give you an escape from everyday boredom, stress, while enriching your life.

We understand it is tough to get through a lockdown phase. But it is always the best case scenario to use your time and resources wisely. Take care you all!

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