Since you must be aware of reasons to use matte crayon lipstick, you should also know different ways of applying the same. However, many need to gain knowledge about the application. If you are one of them, no need to worry; we'll show you how to apply lip crayons so you can up your beauty game and reduce your time on it by half. Once you know them, you'll be rushing to use matte crayon lipstick from Lenphor because of how hassle-free and straightforward these chunky sticks are to apply.


Choose the color that best suits your look from the stunning Bright Violet, Cherry, or Dusty Rose colors. You might be unsure about how to use a lip crayon if this is your first time using one. This article presents you with different ways how to use matte crayon lipstick-

  • Exfoliate Your Lips 

Lip exfoliation is an elegant initial step when applying matte crayon lipstick. There are lovely sugar lip scrubs that work wonders for exfoliation. Since this product is made with oil that comes from nature, you can clean your dry skin before applying it to make sure you get beautiful colors quickly.

  • Using Top Quality Lip Treatment Balm

Before you use matte crayon lipstick, it's a good idea to moisturize your lips. A gorgeous Kukui Lip Balm and Lip Treatment from our sister company, Hanalei, is ideal for moisturizing your lips while you apply the rest of your makeup.

  • Line and Fill it with Complimentary Color

As an optional step for a brighter colour, line your lips and fill them in with a complimentary colour. Due of how seamlessly contrasting colours bring out the primary colour, it works nicely, adding a complementary color first is a great way to add brightness to your look.

  • Fill it with lip crayon for glossy lips.

Next, you can use your preferred lip crayon color to get the ideal glossy, bright tone. Bright Violet, Cherry, and Dusty Rose are three of our colors designed to be glossy for a dramatic lip that jumps!

  • Blotting with Tissue

Dab your lips with a tissue to achieve a more matte appearance! It will eliminate the glossy shine while keeping the bright color, so you can change your style to fit your mood on any given day.

What is Matte Lip Crayon?

Matte lip crayons are typically colored balms or lipsticks in adorably cute shapes. Like lipsticks, lip crayons come in different textures and finishes, such as matte, glossy, metallic, and many more. What makes it different-


Lip crayons are frequently much simpler and more reliable because they allow for great precision. Lip crayons have a pointed tip that makes it easy to line and fill in your lips compared to lipsticks, which require a lip liner to line your lips correctly.


Lip crayons are easier to use than lipsticks because they don't spread out much. It makes them less messy than lipsticks, which can leave behind other products very soon.

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