When dressing up your face with the right makeup, it is essential to follow some steps. There are different items to apply on the face, and one such is the matte loose powder. You will come across multiple brands offering matte loose powder, but it is crucial to buy from the right one, and Lenphor is the one. This critical piece of cosmetics from Lenphor can make your appearance. However, it is essential to do it correctly; it can give you a silky smooth texture. So, if you're new to cosmetics but want to master it, this post is for you. We provide a step-by-step explanation and some advice to assist you in applying your compact. It guarantees a flawless finish and extends the wear of your makeup. The compact can be used for touch-ups and is a blessing for people with oily skin.

Set Your Foundation

Using loose powder to set your makeup and give your skin a natural, fresh look is best. It works best on oily skin and also gives off a matte appearance. After applying foundation, sweep loose powder with a powder brush over your face. The process prolongs its wear by preventing your skin's natural oils from soaking into the foundation.

Obtain Thick, Luscious Lashes

You may achieve thick, voluminous, and gorgeous eyelashes using your loose setting powder without using any false lashes. Apply matte loose powder to your lashes with a shadow brush before putting on your mascara.

Use Sponge to Apply Perfectly

Apply a matte loose powder using the sponge applicator to your entire face in a shade that complements your skin tone. When using the sponge, dab the product onto the skin, massage it, and then integrate it evenly. This method covers while also making the skin appear immaculate.

Alternatively, you can use a soft brush to apply the compact powder. Put some powder on the brush, and shake off the extra. Apply it starting in the middle of the face. Apply the makeup with long sweeping strokes after dabbing it with a long stroke.

Using Matte Loose Powder as the Dry Shampoo

The best part of applying matte loose powder is removing the oil from greasy, oily hair. Sprinkle some loose powder on it, let it sit for a while, and then comb it out to use it as a dry shampoo. It takes work to blend the dark eye shadow colors. For a seamless transition between hues, dab some loose powder over the color and blend it in to reduce the intensity of the color.

Get Long-Lasting Eyeliner and Tone down the Blush

The matte loose powder works best in the form of a base. Before applying eyeliner, dab some translucent powder on your eyelids. Apply additional powder on the lids to prevent smearing after applying the eyeliner.

Apply matte loose powder to soften the color of your blush that was too intense, rather than start the cosmetic routine all over again.

Don't Go Overboard

Bring blotting sheets designed to absorb oils without affecting your makeup. Doing this may avoid using too much powder, making your makeup look cakey. Although you might be tempted to carry extra matte loose powder around to touch up your makeup during the day, be careful not to use too much.


Applying matte loose powder isn't that tough, but it is vital to apply the correct method. Moreover, it ultimately depends on the skin type you have. 

Apply the powder solely to the T-zone and beneath the eye if you have dry skin. Avoid applying it to your face's dry spots because it could look uneven and cakey.

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