The best strategy to make your skin look flawless is to apply a practical and natural-looking foundation color and use a suitable application technique. Thus, understanding how to identify your foundation shade is essential so you aren't overwhelmed by the vast array of goods on the market. There are several foundation makeup products, and each shade is tailored to a certain skin tone.

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Finding the ideal foundation involves much more than just matching the color. There are foundations for dry, oily, liquid, and others. The key to creating a gorgeous makeup look is perfecting your foundation.

If you are looking for the best foundation makeup products, then Lenphor is the right brand to buy from. Below are the two major foundation makeup products from the brand-

Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid & SPF 30

The ultra-spherical powders in Lenphor's luminous liquid foundation give your skin's appearance a sensual touch. The formulation's hyaluronic acid foundation allows for active hydration and filling action for a long-lasting anti-aging benefit. Some key ingredients are hyaluronic acid, glycerine, zinc oxide, and others. For consumers who want to cover up their acne scars and imperfections with a natural foundation, Lenphor has a hyaluronic acid foundation.

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Creamalish Makeup Foundation Cream

Lenphor's Creamalish makeup foundation offers an enviable silky texture for normal skin. The cream-based foundation has a formulation that incorporates a precise mixture of spherical powders and provides improved shine control with medium coverage. It contains nutritious hyaluronic acid that has anti-aging and deep moisturizing properties.

MRP: Rs.584

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Choosing the suitable foundation makeup products

Understanding your undertone

It is one of the crucial aspects of choosing the foundation shade that best suits your skin. It is common to see skin tones like "cool," "warm," or "neutral." Undertones are called undertones that peek through and give your skin a general hue. Your skin's color has nothing to do with undertones; it may change with the seasons or if you obtain a fake tan, but your undertone will never alter.

Knowing the level of coverage you need

A full-coverage foundation isn't necessary for every cosmetic look. Knowing how to select a foundation depends on its level of coverage—light, medium, or whole—is crucial. Choose a sheer or light-coverage foundation if you only want to level out your skin tone rather than completely conceal everything.

Choosing the Finish

If you've never used foundation before, you might be confused by the term "finish." Even seasoned foundation users sometimes appear to be unsure which one they desire. A finish is a sheen—or lack thereof—that a foundation formula leaves on your skin. Dewy, matte, semi-matte, and other finishes are all available, each looking gorgeous.

Testing Before Buying

If you are buying it from the store, do a test check before buying. Do not test the color on your hand. Your face tone is not the same as your hand. Place a swatch along your jawline to get the perfect color match. To achieve the most natural-looking color, pick a few shades that appear to be the closest to your skin tone and test them out by dabbing several swatches.


Your chosen foundation can give a good or bad look to your face. Whether trying for an everyday, natural look or glamming up for a big event, investing in the right foundation makeup is vital. Finding the ideal foundation is one of the most challenging aspects of purchasing makeup due to the wide range of hues, finishes, formulas, and coverage levels available.

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