The winged liner is a necessary part of all eye makeup styles. It is one of the essential makeup products that most women invest in as they enter the glamour industry. There are many different kinds of liners to choose from when it comes to them. You can choose between liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, and sketch pen eyeliner.

But how much do we know about different eyeliner formulations and how they differ? This article details the difference between waterproof liquid and pencil eyeliner. 

Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner can be the ideal new addition to your eye makeup items because it is simple, durable, and adaptable. Waterproof liquid eyeliner is one of the best makeup tools for drawing bold lines, graphic wings, and cat eyes. If you are looking for a branded waterproof liquid eyeliner, then Lenphor is the best one. Its unique combination of light-diffusing particles gives your eyes the ideal matte appearance. Due to the presence of a precision tip applicator, I-Craze Liquid Eyeliner is as fun to apply.

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Gel eyeliner is available in 5 amazing colors and has a remarkable 24-hour wear duration, allowing you to maintain your "eye candy" look for a very long period. The waterproof eyeliner comes in black, brown, green, and blue hues.

Pros: Liquid eyeliner resists smudging. The color will remain on the eyelid for however long you want it to after application and drying. Another amazing feature of liquid eyeliner is that you can easily get the ideal tip for lining your eyes without difficulty.

Cons: Using liquid eyeliner has the drawback of requiring some time to get accustomed to it. A liquid liner will take time to remove if you make a mistake applying it.

Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner

Another best option is pencil eyeliner, which comes in a waterproof segment, has a hardwood casing, and can be sharpened like a writing pencil. These liners produce a natural-looking, crisp line and are considerably easier to maintain than products like gel and liquid liners.

The waterproof pencil eyeliner contains a retractable pencil and a plastic shaft for control. It produces a natural-looking, crisp line and is much easier to maintain than products like gel and liquid liners. Waterproof pencil eyeliner is perfect for staying for long hours if you end up washing your face.

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The ability to effortlessly smudge a blue eyeliner pencil makes it straightforward to achieve a smoldering, smokey appearance. Lenphor's waterproof pencil eyeliner has a water-repellent substance with a single stroke that produces a strong, long-lasting effect. It has excellent color pay-off qualities and is gentle on the eyes. Regular application gives a smooth look, and the strongly cross-linked resin-supported product offers six colors for pencil eyeliner: black, blue, grey, silver, gold by nature, and green.

Pros: You can apply pencil liners as precisely as you'd like because you can sharpen them again. You can also use a pencil liner's perfectly sharpened tips to fill in your eyes' challenging and difficult-to-reach areas. If lines get harsh or too bold, you can blend the pencil eyeliner to give a less sharp and delicate look.

Cons: The eyeliner pencil can shatter if you twist it too much.


Everyone likes an eyeliner look that is dramatic and powerful. Choosing your preferred waterproof eyeliner can be a little scary because there are so many different shades and styles of eyeliners on the market. 

Lenphor is the perfect option for a waterproof, smudge-free eyeliner that provides a bold, sophisticated look. Choose between waterproof liquid eyeliner and waterproof pencil eyeliner. Both carry equally beneficial features, giving your eyes a whole new look.

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