When finding nail polish, you need to understand each type well. Besides color, you should also think about texture, sheen, and finish when choosing your next coat of polish. In the past few years, there have been more new nail polish trends and updated versions of old ones, like mixing different finishes and formulas of nail polish into one manicure. Among all, matte finish nail polish can produce the best results on nails. A brand like Lenphor offers top-quality nail polish in India that can go on for a long time.

If you are looking for the best and long-lasting nail polish in India, we have listed the top 5s from Lenphor

1. Gel Finish Nail Tints

The gel finish nail polish from Lenphor is perfect for your nails. It protects the nail plates of your fingers and toes. Apply a few thin coats of your preferred color and watch true lacquer magic happen. Gel nail polish is sometimes mistaken for crème variants. However, unlike any of its rivals, gel-finish nail polish remains in place for more extended periods. They are less prone to concerns about chipping or scratching.

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2. Chrome Finish Nail Tints

Upon applying the chrome finish nail polish by Lenphor, you will see that your fingers' and toes' nail plates will be beautified and shielded. Choose the preferred color, apply a few thin coats, and watch true lacquer magic happen. You will notice that the ultra-shiny chrome finish's magnet pulls well. These nail tints are great for a party because they have a metallic sheen and glitter streaks in the formula. Even basic casual attire will come to life with a few chrome nail art strokes.

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3. Glitter Nail Paints

The glitter gel nail polish from Lenphor is yet another long-lasting nail polish product. The glitter collection's glimmer-shimmer finish is the focal point of any event. It gives your nails a luster and the color of your choice. Some glitter types feature highly concentrated glitter particles, while others carry fewer sparkles. Glittery nail paint is just too fun to pass up.

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4. Matte Finish Nail Polish

Lenphor’s matte nail polish variations keep the texture for a long time and have the typical matte refinement. This manicure style is perfect for formal events since it doesn't have a lot of shine or sparkle. The simple radiance exudes charm on its own if rightly worn on nail plates. You'll have stylish matte nail paint that lasts all day or for a special event.

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5. Matte Topcoat Nail Polish

You need to look into the matte topcoat nail polish from Lenphor. It allows you to transform your overall look of the nail into a new avatar. A transparent matte topcoat gives even the sparkling lacquer finish a stylish matte touch.

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Choosing the best Nail Polish for your Nail Plates

Skin Tone

Whether you have a fair or dark skin tone, you must check the overall tone when looking for nail polish for your nails. For instance, if your dark skin results from over-tanning, you might even want to use light brown and pink hues in addition to other warm tones. You would look stunning in anything golden, and if you want to try something different, find a great shade of yellow.

As per the Occasion

The occasion has a big impact on the color of your nail polish. Check the occasion for which you intend to wear a specific color. Shades of bronze and gold would be appropriate if you wanted to attend an evening celebration.

Final Words

So buy the best nail paint for your toe and fingernail plates that would give an added charm to your overall look.

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