Among all cosmetic essentials, two items that are bought most frequently are lipstick and Long Lasting Nail Paints & Nail Polish . While lipsticks are revered for their shades, nail polish have evolved entirely into the culture of ‘nail art’.

With the boom in beauty salons offering innovative nail cares, the foundation for nail art as a must-have treatment has been successfully laid across the Indian subcontinent.

In the not-too-distant past, nail art in this part of the world was exclusively assigned to the affluent few. So what paved way for the sudden surge of nail culture? Let’s skim through prominent factors:

Budget Indulgence

Personal care occupies the top position in beauty budgets. Customized cosmetic treatments, beauty therapies, body massages, and other pampering indulgences are on the expensive side than a manicure session. Naturally, nail art comes as a cost-effective replacement for most beauty services.

Social Media Catalyst

Thanks to social media, up-to-the-minute beauty trends reach consumers faster than ever. Photo-driven social platforms enable sharing and celebrating of personal choices. Women (and men too) are spending more time on their looks to be presentable. Trying new nail arts to make a fashion statement or spark a new trend is becoming more popular on digital channels. On the other hand, artists also showcase their nail creations and keep the trend alive. And with celebrity endorsements, nail art is definitely here for the long haul.

Apparently, nail art’s charm is winning the hearts of women while the business part of it is dominating the cosmetic market. Experts in market research have estimated a further growth in the nail art market along with other nail services in the times to come.

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